By welly223 - / Thursday 20 January 2011 06:01 / Canada
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well that way you can say it all the time for fun and they won't think wrongly of it. it's nice to have a laph every once in awile

I totally agree I wouldn't have said shiz and had a lil laugh to myself. I don't think its a fml cus its funny and it is bettr that they don't understand ;p

Why not just toss the salad with her? Can't be that bad. I actually like that expression, I was getting tired of "brainstorming", anyway. Being from Denmark, "brainstorm" is one of those words we insisted on "borrowing" because we were too lazy to find an appropriate Danish translation, or because some business-person figured the English term sounded cooler or whatever, so the English term has become a part of the Danish language. It's a shame that "tossing the

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