By Jessie - United States
  Today, my boyfriend and I were in our room getting hot and heavy. As he was entering me, he started making electronic whirring sounds. Once inside, he said in a robotic voice, "Initiating launch sequence in 3... 2... 1..." and began thrusting as fast as possible. FML
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  bh0p  |  0

These FML's are so stupid it's all girls who have no sense of humor, just because there boyfriend does or says something funny. Gosh you dang girls need to learn to laugh. :/

  TaylorSaysMoo  |  4

Dude 88 ima girl and if my bf ever did something like that I'd be laughing haha whenever I read these FMLs it makes me wonder why girls canmot appreciate guys with some humor. Theyre lucky lol

By  perdix  |  29

And if his missile is a Minuteman, you need to find someone else, or learn to pleasure yourself with sex toys.

Premature payload delivery is a failed mission.