By Anon - United States - Sacramento
Today, I spent $70 on party supplies for my sister's bachelorette party, another hour decorating, three hours baking and designing a cake, before waiting five hours to hear that she and another bridesmaid had 'moved' the party elsewhere. Cake anyone? FML
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  pedopears  |  18

it would be funny if she showed up at the new avenue with her cake and smashed it into the faces of the other bridesmaids, then start fighting (reminds me of a movie xD) and in the end laughing, because its still a time to be happy with the people you love.
Edit: Oh, and its even better with a stripper.

  Naggie_May23  |  6

Everyone knows that strippers at bachelor/bachelorette parties count as entertainment, not party supplies. Unless they have them in stock at Party City and no one has informed me of this...