By Anon - 23/07/2015 11:53 - United States - Sacramento

Today, I spent $70 on party supplies for my sister's bachelorette party, another hour decorating, three hours baking and designing a cake, before waiting five hours to hear that she and another bridesmaid had 'moved' the party elsewhere. Cake anyone? FML
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At least you didn't book a stripper, unless he counts as a "party supply".

giantsfan2010 23

I'll take a slice, sounds delicious


shit, that's unfortunate....why did she change the venue?

Mortoli 30

lol screw it time for new party lol

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Can you not just move the stuff from where you are now to the new place?

She's still down $70 and time for the supplies she put up at the original venue.

larrena2377 26

That's true, but at least if she could move the stuff her time and hard work aren't completely wasted

Moving the party without telling OP is a bitch move. I'd find some hungry folks and let them have some cake, at least they'd be appreciative of the work involved.

Ouch, that sucks! It sounds like she just wanted a laugh from seeing you do all that work. But I want some cake!

it would be funny if she showed up at the new avenue with her cake and smashed it into the faces of the other bridesmaids, then start fighting (reminds me of a movie xD) and in the end laughing, because its still a time to be happy with the people you love. Edit: Oh, and its even better with a stripper.

giantsfan2010 23

I'll take a slice, sounds delicious

#4 forget a slice just give me the whole thing

giantsfan2010 23

I would eat everything alone. no cake for these people

I wonder what kind of filling it has...

At least you didn't book a stripper, unless he counts as a "party supply".

If she had, she could have her own little party. ;)

If that's the case, I want a piece of that cake ;) lol

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Everyone knows that strippers at bachelor/bachelorette parties count as entertainment, not party supplies. Unless they have them in stock at Party City and no one has informed me of this...

You could probably just buy an inflatable car-lot dancer and draw a banana hammock on it. The stripper version of a blow-up doll.

So. That cake offer. That still going? Or are you out?

I think the cake would be just as well served smushed into the offending bridesmaid's face!

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sister of the year award goes tooo