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Today, I finally finished painting a house that took me 3 weeks to complete at 10 hours a day, including weekends, due to my dedication to perfection. When I went to meet with the homeowner for pay day, which was supposed to be $2000, he gave me $200, 5 tacos and then told me to "get the f*** off my lawn." FML
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throw the tacos at the wall u painted and ask for the money ur supposed to get!

I can't wait to see this on Judge Judy.


throw the tacos at the wall u painted and ask for the money ur supposed to get!

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that's such bs!! I was first!!!!

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fair enough yr lessor is an asshole but seriously 3 weeks? 10 hours each day? is yr rental property a ******* palace? and don't u have work or something to earn that amount of money instead of painting 10 hours every day

my bad I read it that he was painting his house that he was renting soz guys, but still, 210 hours for 1 house and he would have a written contract signed by the home owner

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Wow, OP. Must've been an enormous house doing interior and exterior. And if it was, why did you only bid 2K? I pull $1,500 per 60 hour work week when I'm painting. Lesson learned. Bid higher, always bring spray paint in case of payment failure.

trash it then shove the tocos up his nose

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rofl!!!! tacos >.< but seriously do what everybody does in this land of the free......sue the bastard >.>

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ask him how he got **** on his lawn then do his wife or gf on it THEN sue

maybe they were diamond encrusted tacos?

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maybe it's cuz he's mexican

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that's what judge Judy is for

58- that's EXACTLY what i was thinking!! haha

That is why you get them to pay you upfront or atleast part of it upfront, more than $200 atleast, though. $2000 seems like a reallyyyyy low price for three weeks of work. I know paint isn't cheap so I would have asked for more in the first place.

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if it's in a written contract u can and should sue. if u didn't write up a contract it's ur life and ydi

maybe he thought you took to long. or would rather be paid in tacos

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have your customers sign something called a contract then if they dint pay up tale them to something called a court

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if hes an immigrant then he cant do anything about it/: dat sucks

84- That's what I was thinking. Hopefully OP had a written contract. Damn, you can't trust anybody anymore. Op, don't you ever watch People's Court? I do, maybe just because I'm old. lol

Well I would... Paint his house over in pink when he's not around! He'll need a new painter and this time get the money first!!

50 lol. I'm sure they were diamond encrusted tacos. Maybe gold plated shell too.

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that sucksss. but atleast you got tacos!!!! :D

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Not entirely true. A verbal contract is binding and I doubt there is are any judges who would believe you agreed to paint an entire house for $200. Hell, most would probably think $2000 was low.

#102 thats what i was thinking too..also if he's a hispanic immigrant then it was really offensive of the house owner to give him 5 tacos

134 is right. if he is a Hispanic immigrant. he's gonna need at least 20 tacos to feed his wife and 18 children.

o better see this on judge Joe brown or judge alex soon!!!

Wow, first you low-ball budded yourself, and I assume no contract. Grow a pair. If you take such pride in your work, price accordingly!


Sue he is not paying u your full amount so u can take that to court. Goodluck!!

YDI for being ungrateful for the 5 tacos. Stop complaining.

mayb the tacos were worth more than 450 each

well look at the bright side. you get the grand torino in the end you zipperhead

that's less than a dollar an hour...

pffft, those 5 tacos would have been enough for me :$

Piss on his daughter, **** his wife abd kill his son. all in front of him while he is tied up. then set his house on fire and demand for 2000 dollars and Jan he gives it to you just be like, "my dick hurts" and run away.

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take him to court. or threaten him with "my father is a attorney"

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your taco is almost enough for me. what's your AIM?

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Sorry, Toad. Your lucky Clint Eastwood didn't shoot you.

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haha sucks for you lol shouldve made him sign a contract so it's your fault and guess what....... I'M FIRST!!!! O yea!! *who cares??goes the crowd* I Do!!!! muhuhahahahahahah!!!

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and does that mean he shouldn't get paid what they agreed to pay him?

Maybe he took a lot longer to complete it than they agreed upon. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A CONTRACT, so you could sue Angry Taco Man. If there WAS a contract, maybe you took too long, which was a breach of contract on your part and he wasn't a happy customer.

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the homeowner should have has Bob Ross paint the house. he would have done it in like 20 minutes and gladly accept tacos as payment, op is just a douche

bummer, op. I'd much rather be paid in gum, too.

6: That's what I thought. I can easily see a homeowner reacting this way if OP agreed to a daily or hourly wage, rather than a total cost of $2K. Then it would probably seem like he was milking the job, rather than just being perfectionistic. Three weeks of solid work seems an unreasonably long time, unless the house was huge.

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he should take the paint back

a house takes a week tops to paint. I should know cuz I paint houses

wtf were you using a paintbrush from a water color set???

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Wow, that's really messed up. I hope the tacos at least had sour cream on them!

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kick some ass or grow a pair, you just became someones bi*ch

he sounds like a fuckstain. make him give you the rest of the pay

what an asshole! can you sue or something?