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  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

My sister uses glitter glue, though, and that stuff seems to come off relatively easily (assuming she washes it off properly -- soap AND water). I figured they'd be relatively similar. Also, not everyone would try washing it right away. I've seen people do as OP did, smear it around with a paper towel or a napkin, wipe it on their clothes...

  pinkdottedbow  |  0

When you shave, the tapered end of the hair gets cut off. Therefore, the thicker root of the hair is the one that continues growing afterward, making the hair appear thicker and darker (because it has not been exposed to sunlight as much).
I can't stand people that think everyone is blessed with the same genes. Not everybody has unnaturally thin, light body hair that is not negatively affected by shaving.


what's wrong with shaving arm hair? personally, I think any arm hair on a girl, light or dark or thick or thin, is really gross. shaving your arms is just like shaving your legs- all for hygiene

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Have you ever tried to wash off glitter? That stuff is persistent. It'll turn up in the oddest places for weeks and you'll be stuck walking around looking like a veggie vampire.