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By Ghost1986 - 10/12/2022 22:00 - Australia - Moonah

Today, my ex-wife tried to hit me up for money for a skip bin, because the kids' room was too messy. She then sent me a picture of the mess after I said no, then I retaliated by submitting a report to child services against her. FML
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If only I knew what a "skip bin" is! They don't pay me enough to turn my commenting into a research project!

It’s a dumpster. If she needs one of those, I don’t blame him for calling CPS.


If only I knew what a "skip bin" is! They don't pay me enough to turn my commenting into a research project!

It’s a dumpster. If she needs one of those, I don’t blame him for calling CPS.

Marcella1016 31

Ah. I thought it was a toy chest or something.

Marcella1016 31

You reported her to child services, so **** YOUR life? What the **** is wrong with you??

If she needs a skip bin, which is a dumpster, that means there is a lot of trash in that house. One doesnt get a “skip bin” for normal every day trash cleanup. In fact, when you reroof your house, “skip bins” are what the construction company brings to toss the rubbish in.

the kids made a mess and she was trying to be a good mom and clean you reported're a real piece of work. good for her for getting out of that relationship. you're a shit dad and care more about making her pay then you do your kids

A “skip bin” is a dumpster. One doesn’t use a dumpster when kids make a mess. Dumpsters are used when you have a lot of trash, like when you remodel a home, reroof a house, etc. a normal house doesn’t need a dumpster to clean a child’s room, unless said room is full of garbage

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I spent 6 years with a messy house and working 12 hour days with the ex wife sitting around doing nothing I pay my child support on time so I shouldn’t be paying extra because she is to lazy to do housework

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So say “no” and move on? It doesn’t sound like you were worried the kids were in an unsafe or unsanitary situation. You literally said you did it for retaliation. That is ****** up.

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What a dick!! There’s no excuse unless there’s more to it. You could have just bought one for her instead of giving her the money. But you wanna show your kids how they should treat an be treated an making them you hate them by hating on their mom like that. You should just give up your rights to them.

So he should just give up rights to let the kids live in a place that is obviously full of garbage? At one time, I had 10 kids living in my house, and I NEVER needed a dumpster to handle the messes kids make. The only time I ever had a dumpster at my house was when I remodeled or had my roof done.

Ex’s can play dirty. Summer and briefly at Christmas when I would see my daughter she always came packed with just the clothes I had bought her last season - which were usually a bit outgrown by then. That meant that every time I saw my daughter I had to go out and buy her new clothes. So what was all the child support payments for? Years later I know I was played but I’m not 100% sure if it was by my ex or by my daughter… Unless the images really seemed to indicate that your children were in immediate danger, it was very unwise to report your ex just for that. Nobody ever “wins” a pissing contest and both people get wet. Trust me, Ex will find a way to get back at you for that sooner or later and unfortunately it will be the children who ultimately suffer for something they had no control over. When you are a parent you have to stop thinking about “scoring points” and think more of what is best for your children…

what are you going to do when the kids are removed? I hope you step up.

those poor kids. I hope they can get away from both of you soon

U R an ignorant asshole. Don't you know they make thousands off the kids that DON'T return home. I hope you lose time allowed for this unforgivable childish reaction.

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