By hotpatata - 06/07/2012 15:03 - United States

Today, I sneezed my jaw out of socket. Yes, this is possible. FML
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terrible_things 1

At least your eye didn't pop out


soccergurrll 8


MindFreakazoid 10

Really? That's REAL deep man.

ThisIsMyReign 4

Note to self: Always hold jaw in place before violent sneezes.

24- That can make it worse!

I hope you recover quickly OP!!~^^

syley 5

Correction 24, NEVER SNEEZE AGAIN!!!

ThisIsMyReign 4

46 - So, it's a a no win with this one? OP, you were doomed from the start. :(

soccergurrll 8

Uhhhh #15? First of all, I am a girl not a man. And second of all what else are you supposed to say to an FML like that?

^^Stop posting worthless comments.

Yikes!!! sounds very painful. hope you feel better OP.

94) according to your username, you're a gurll.

Your supposed to say something "deep" to an FML about sneezing? Hmmm who knew..

My god, what do you do during sex?

metaphoristic 8

Why are two of these comments relating OP's sneezing accident to sex? I don't understand and I don't think I want to know in case there's some sort of underground sneeze-appreciation movement

What the f*ck does sex have to do with this? He sneezed.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Your Mom. If she's not available, your sister.

I think it's cause something about sneezing and orgasms feeling the same.. Idk I heard that somewhere

2 was probably relating the fact that you usually have to open your mouth wide during sex; so you have to have a loose jaw... Or something...

2- that's a question you should ask your parents, or a guidance councilor, or something. 62- A+

68- what kind or orgasms are you having...

1 Didn't read the fml to try and be first and 2 has some kind of disorder to think that this fml had anything to do with sex. If it did then I am sure it would be in the fml.

Friends with benefits :)

JKr3slEMO 5

where the hell do you get sex from..he sneezed...

111- lol I just read that somewhere or heard it.. I don't remember :)

terrible_things 1

At least your eye didn't pop out

metaphoristic 8

The first time I read this my mind tricked me and I thought OP said their eye popped out..

I know that if you chew a lot of gum it can cause grinding over time which can loosen your jaw.

3's comment reminds me of that Family Guy episode where Stewie farts and pops a blood vessel

whatsup215 0

Soooo what happens when you cough 0.o do you throw up your intestines ?? (insert wide eye emoji here)

TheElderTROLLZ 15

116- ?

mduffy08 8

Some weird ******* comments on this FML...

olpally 32

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33: hotpatata is OP's username.

olpally 32

I tried using op's username as a joke, I failed. Move along, nothing to see here...

Oh, I see. Thanks... Still not funny.

olpally 32

I know I failed, thanks for reminding me I'm still not funny... Jeez :/

klovemachine 24

39 must have PMS :D

Indeed 39 must have PMS. I would guess that the picture says "I do not have PMS" yet people who are telling the truth don't une contractions so 39, sorry to tell you but your profile pic sold you out.

I see what you did there. :P You've earned a thumbs up and a gold star... Well, just the thumbs because I can actually give you that, lol.

bigtaytay 13

Damn that really sucks but I believe it, sneezes produce a lot of force

terrible_things 1

That comment sparked and idea! Maybe one day thing will be sneeze powered since sneezes do generate a lot of force

He's right. I read that under perfect circumstances, the average sneeze produced by a human being can equal more than double the equivalent power generated by... Are you guys seriously still reading this BS? Idiots.

bigtaytay 13

Yeah a douchebag patriots fan would do something like that

Seriously. Is that your fallback insult? Not impressed.

70 - Awesome comment

They say that it's absolutely impossible to not blink when you sneeze, but, IF you ever kept your eyes open through a whole sneeze, they would pop out.

That's one helluva sneeze

I just got my wisdom teeth pulled, and every time I sneeze or yawn my mouth starts bleeding. It's not very fun.

dsbs 9


Fucks are given from this guy...

AllThatHit 7

who told you it was gonna be fun? I have to get mine out soon, too

Three times now I've popped my jaw out of its socket from yawning. /:

I see some kinky fun in your future, buddy.

....What? You must have a strange fetish, because I don't see how that could be kinky.

Your picture reminds me of Jeff the Killer.

She meant being able to dislocate his/her jaw is kinky. You know, to fit big things in your mouth?

Another comment about sex, why??

What kind of depraved **** do you look at?

You don't wanna know.

DKjazz 20

Bless you!

If you sneeze during the reading of this FML, bless you and bless your face!

It's 'bless your face' then 'bless you'

A sneeze that strong u must be Super Man.

Can u sneeze it back in place?

New party trick...gather round kids while the amazing OP dislocates and relocates their jaw...* cue the circus music*

Ta Ta Tara Rata Tara Afro circus Afro circus polka dot polka dot... Yeah I recently saw Madagascar...

I hate it for you 88.

88, you're either 8 years old, have children, or have no life... If none of those apply then you were dragged into that movie by talking animals.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Oh god, the commercials coming back to me. Why?!

OP can do something even cooler: do it Ghost rider style. Stare at a cop while your head is on fire, grab your jaw, re-locate it, and watch his look of disgust that turns into awe as you rude into the darkness with your awesome bike, also on fire >:D