By smoochie
Today, I was holding my baby daughter during a checkup. To reassure her, I was kissing the back of her head while the Dr. was checking her hearing. After a few minutes, I realized the Dr. had put his hand to steady her head. I was kissing his hand. FML
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I love how accidentally kissing a guy's hand makes you gay, even if you're not attracted to other men

Besides the OP could be a woman for all we know. Why have we assumed he's a man?

  snavula  |  0

I like how the person above you answered the question and you STILL had to put you're lame ass, incorrect, opinion about the situation. Idiot. The OP wasn't trying to kiss the baby's hand, either. Reading comprehension can you PLEASE get you some?


If the doctor's hand IS NOT hairy and wrinkly. You know people in their 20s and 30s are doctors,right? my brother who is a doctor is 28,not old,not wrinkly and has no obvious body hair

  Bored_2_Death  |  0

Sometimes (not saying all the time, but sometimes) it is really hard to find good FMLs that live up to everyones standards. Most of the time good FMLs have one of two problems...

1)They don't start with Today or end with Fml (which would get taken down right after they get posted)
2) They have a lot of spelling mistakes (typos whatever) or grammatical errors (which face it we all know that at least 70% of the commenters would call the OP an idiot for making a spelling/grammatical mistake)

So it's either you get this or nothing.

I'm not saying that this is the case all of the time, I've seen a lot of good FMLs that never get posted for reasons unknown to me.