By R. Kelly - 29/04/2016 10:08 - USA

Today, I really believed I could fly. Turns out, I can't. My leg hurts. FML
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What is this? These just aren't funny.

A07 48

FML has always been about user submitted content, please don't ruin it with this stuff guys


What is this? These just aren't funny.

You have to look at the content of the fml, and the author, and see how they're related.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

46, that still doesn't make them funny.

A07 48

FML has always been about user submitted content, please don't ruin it with this stuff guys

How can we do that? All these categories makes submitting things a bit confusing

The thing is that historical FMLs aren't fun at all.

On some post it said we'd be able to disable the Historical and Picture FMLs => is that stilled planned?

No, I think most people agree with him that these historical fmls aren't fun. I don't see them getting much better either.

Also, and this isn't intended to be an insult so please don't take it this way, were these historical fmls your idea? Because you seem to be offended when people express dislike of them.

how about just telling us how to filter them out because the 3 or 4 I have seen have been dumber than common core math.

kellyem2 20

I could see these working if they were real historical fails, but since these are just made up they come off as more of a cheesy pun than anything truly funny. I can see where people would get kind of mad that real FMLs aren't being featured to make room for these made up ones instead. Just my opinion.

I agree, these things aren't funny at all.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Alan, I thought we were supposed to be able to express our opinions so you guys can make the app something the users like more? I'm sorry but every time someone expresses a negative opinion about the historical FMLs, you shoot their opinion down and treat them like they are just trying to be a hater. We should feel like we can express out opinions without practically feeling like we are being told that our opinion doesn't matter.

To be fair, flooding these things with off-topic "I don't like the concept" comments isn't cool. There's a blog post for that. Most people use the apps, where you can hide these from the main feed (see comment #43). Failing that, it's easy to just move past them to the regular stories. Simple. Not all of these site changes are necessarily permanent - everyone's opinions are being listened to, but stuff isn't going to change overnight.

There should be a vote on the main page about the historical fml's and the new ydi/fml buttons because honestly this new update is awful. I can ignore the historical fml's if I have to but the new buttons don't even make sense. "ydi" and "that could happen to me" are closer to meaning the same thing than "that could happen to me" and the one it replaced.

Today, I had the genius idea of adding "Historical FMLs" to the site. Yeah, I don't know what the **** I was thinking either. - FML Staff.

Who cares about R Kelley. He's a child predator. Not a good one to put up and it's not even funny.

I don't know, I personally don't see them that bad. Maybe because I am closer to the dinosaurs era than most of you guys are. But I like it. Edit: can't favorite a historical FML? Not cool bro.