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Today, my husband and I had the grand opening to our new winery. We had a big sign out front saying "FREE GRAPES", to try and get more people interested. People kept giving us dirty looks when passing. We later realized there was something covering the "G". FML
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rape is not funny. this story is, however.


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yumm free rapes? count me in please!!

Specterk50 0

that's a cyanide and happyness comic...

Zeek63 0

what the should do is there will also be a sign that says therapist inside but put a space between therapist

If someone went in for their free rapes then I do believe it's false advertisement if they dont give what they promised. Smh.

free rapes ;) aw. you should fix that..

SuperDerp 8

lol i was there to see that sign lol everyone was like wth

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well if #7 is going then count me in as well

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81 hahahaha like your about me :D

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lies some ppl have rape fetishes

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"I'm gonna GRAPE you in the mouth!!!!" YouTube anyone? :D

Rapes?! That's horrible! But... well, if it's free I might as well...

kinky rape fetish. dominatrix, Sado masochism? I think I know a few fmlers who may be interested. let me ask my dear friend mr boners

Who wants to pay for rape in the first place.

imma tie you to the radiator and grape you in the mouth! :D

imma tie you to the radiator and grape you in the mouth! :D

skyeyez9 24

I assume they also have a "safe word" so their partner they are role playing the rape fantasy can stop if things get too carried away. In Real life, there is no safe word. you could get raped by a big nasty disease infested serial killer. Who will dump your carcass in the river afterwards.

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guess it depends on your fetish hehe. and if you think " rape" is a weird fetish then your naive and we need to take a trip to mr. google :p

Haha 31 yes! WKUK :D "I'm going to tue you to the radiator and grape you over and over and..."

its not considered ' rape ' if you actually want it

God damn it, you beat me to it. XD I'm gonna grape your whole family for decades and decades and decades and decades!

every1luvsvag 10

leeshxx, Mr. Boners couldn't make it, so I will step in, if you so choose.

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well, look on the bright side, you decided to put free instead of naming a price ;)

sniperkit 10

rape is not funny. this story is, however.

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love the profile picture it's so cute.

LOL - look for that one on Epic Fail! Hopefully you fixed it....

Does "free rapes" mean no struggling? Giggidy!

I don't think it's considered rape if they know what's about to happen. But I think it also depends whether rape from you, a female or your husband.

sourgirl101 28

'Cape rape'? sounds like the underworld of super heroes.

It's still rape even if you know it's going to happen. If someone's got you tied up and says "I'm gonna rape you!" and then does, it doesn't make it not-rape just because they let you in on the plan ahead of time.

I'm sure it said can rape before :O But cape rape does sound very interesting and actually pretty awesome. Wanna cape rape me sourgirl?

Those that turned away were really saying yes.