By anonymous - 18/06/2010 17:25 - United States

Today, I was on an airplane and had to go to the bathroom. The guy next to me was asleep and blocking the aisle. I tapped him on the shoulder, and he responded by punching me in the stomach. FML
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next time just shit or piss on him!

christ almighty this has to be one of the most creative illustrations ever!


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next time just shit or piss on him!

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Doesn't he realize you were just trying to get his attention? He's an idiot.

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should have punched him in the face

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Did you piss/shit yourself?

My first reaction from someone punching me is to get him back; of course after somewhat secinds of the pain goes away and am full aware of how to get him back again.. and if he says sorry I was dreaming and that was my first reaction, tell him sorry I was sleep walking too and that was my first reaction too, you'd be even.

am I the only one who thought that this was a natural response from a guy? like when someone scares you, you punch them just by instinct?

After he hit you did you piss or shit yourself?

Why are you people saying OP should piss on the guy? If it were me, I woulda just thrown him off the plane.

You shoulda just pissed on him. Hell, if it was R.Kelly, he woulda liked it.

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I agree with 32, i would have kicked his ass then threw him out the plane. -_-

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ouch. bet you didn't have to use the bathroom anymore

iicaptain your dog is absolutely adorable

I hate these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane

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It doesn't matter what gender you are, when he goes back to sleep you either take something big and heavy and sucker punch him right in the middle of the face OR you take something big and heavy and sucker punch him in the gonads. Then proceed to go the restroom in the restroom.

agree, piss in him, plus i dunno bout op, but when i get hit in the stomach, i piss myself, so sux for you op

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28- Wtf are you saying? Make sense, you ******* spic.

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Florida :) and btw op major suckage

well, you could just be likee moooveee bitchh! and proceed to pushing them out of the way, then walking on by to the restroom, i mean, that approach always works. (:

haha, crap, this is embarrassing. I was going through some fml's and also going through the comments and I see that my friend earlier today ended up using my account to leave that comment from earlier, now I understood what she was trying to tell me. Sorry. I'll keep a better secure on my account.

this is when you show someone MUAY THAI like tony jaa. those movies are awesome.

I would have punched you too, if you startled me. Still, FYL.

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ydi for waking up a tired person

WTF? This is a YDI for sure. Never wake a sleeping man.

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actually, yes! you are the only one having that natural reflex.

I would have stomped the living dog shit out of you.

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why was his first reaction to punch you are you that ugly jk jk he is an asshole

Man, everytime I ride an airplane there's this homeless dude in the back stroking a rubber ***** and humming the Mickey Mouse theme song. Whenever I confront him about it, he just moans and jacks off the person in front of him. Which I find kind of funny. But still gross.

haha why would a homeless guy be on an airplane anyway?

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did u end up peein ur pants?

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A return sucker punch to the balls usually evens things out a bit, OP. Your ovaries don't have to take that shit without a fight =]

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Yeah, a return sucker punch to the balls usually evens things out a bit. Our ovaries don't have to take that shit without a fight.

17 u are ver beautiful I hope u know that

patience is a virtue, wait until the flight lands find him in baggage....and wind that right foot back. The rest will be history

well im sure the OP is smart enough to swap feet :/ if not then....OP is an idiot.

when he goes back to sleep take a crap on him or maybe you already did take a shit haha