By sad - 26/02/2010 19:17 - United States

Today, I saw boobs, in person, for the first time. Too bad they were my mom's and I'm 27. FML
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I am sincerely sorry about this. My mother enjoys walking around the house without pants on. D;

awwwh that's horrible, your poor virgin eyes! that's what porns for.



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ur probably ugly if the the only tits u see r ur moms

Even if he is ugly, it just means his life truly is F'ed. OP, you're putting the p***y on a pedestal.

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so... how were they? :)

JoshTheMaggot 8

dude it's not that bad I saw them too. there pretty big. just wait til she shows you "down there" you'll love it and tell ure mom thanks for last night ahaha XD

27 yrs old and your greatest sexual adventure is a peek at mom's wrinkled flapjacks? maybe you should change teams

so i saw my moms breasts when i was a baby and i neraly spit out my milk

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it's called porn it's a wonderful thing

lmao 16 FTW!!

Don't guys like MILFs? lol

@ 55 op said the first time in REAL LIFE.

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Am I the only one curious as to WHY THE HELL he was looking at his mom's exposed boobs? cause I can't tell if you mean accidently...or on purpose...

I'm wondering......HOW did this happen 

As a rule, if your still a virgin by 25, get a prostitiute. Just sayin.

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@84 he is getting desperate. ;)

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milf well not rly

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poor thing ... ur missing out on so much

whatever people your bot supposed to have sexual encounters unto your married........LOLOL does anyone still even beleive in that??

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dude you are going to die a virgin

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haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha loser

why would your mom show you her boobs?

she obviously felt bad for her son and finally gave in to his constant badgering to see some titties.

Danielt104 6

Yeah, I saw my first boobs (that I remember) when I was 5. Take a wild guess who's it was. >.<

Time for a trip to Vegas!! Paging Dr. Faggot!!! Lolz

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exactlyy hahaa

WoW has destroyed the OP's life, hahaha…poor bastard!

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I still do! Lol Bible FTW!

jus christians lol but seriously how you gunna buy a car with out givin it a test run?? abd to the op your the next 40 year old vergin

reply to 144 did it happen to be 141s lil girl friend there lol

at least u saw tits? if ur moms milfy bonus points

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you better have been drunk

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I totally do

i do lmfao why not?

that's just plain sad.........

I have a great suggestion. sure you did.

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Even though those jokes r so old #47, that one was good. *high fives*

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thats gross >.<

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Oh God.! I Laughed So Hard I Choked On My Spit.! That's Kinda Gross. . . Were They Saggy.?

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you could have your own reality show "The 27 year old virgin" !!! lmao

kally2010 0

that's sad I'm 15 and I've seen a penisyou are almost twice my age and haven't seen boobs ???!?!?! Fyl lmao

lol I recognize myself

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what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...... except for herpes, that shit wil come back with you.

Do you need a hug?

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at least they weren't a fat mans boobs

my cousin likes penis

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wat do you mean you've never seen boobs before? don't you have your own?

lol @241 there's already a movie similar to ur suggestion "The 40 Year Old Virgin" it's pretty funny

y would u guys ask tht

that is the stupidest comment ever

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your beautiful

I am sincerely sorry about this. My mother enjoys walking around the house without pants on. D;

who doesn't enjoy walking around the house without pants on, that's what I do.

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I'd like to see that... OP: You aren't the only one! Most of my family is made up of girls and I gotta tell you... They REALLY don't mind changing if I'm in the room. So I've seen my cousins change more times then you towards your mom.

I'll do it if I'm home alone, but not when other people are around...

I think me and your mom are in the same club #2.

i used to walk around naked in my apt. all the time until my brother-in-law moved in with us. Now my boyfriend doesn't even let me wear shorts.

Hah, reminds me about the time I was around the house in my undies, and then my mother came home.

Wow you find panties disturbing for your mom to see? My mom literally begs me to cover up xD

isreal 0

can I come your house number 6

hey number six why don't we walk around with no pants on together?

well look at you , I wouldn't trust my brother around you either , haha

BCrazzi 9

Boy do I know how YOU feel-_-...

Pathetic? And sick o.o

just what I was thinking...

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And thats something to brag about? "Gee OP, I can't believe you're probably waiting for the right girl as opposed to just screwing a random skank when you were 14" "as opposed to" may be too big a phrase for you actually. I'm giving you too much credit 78.

well 86, #78 IS THE SKANK..look at the name..yeah losing virginty at 14 is something to proud of, so is contracting AIDS and teenage pregnancy...

I know somebody who lost their virginity last thanksgiving, and they're eleven. and noo, it was not me.

ewwwww to that! 11? Jesus ...

I know! so many sluts in this world.

ebababa 0

ugh, i have an 11 year old sister. WTF. what happened to cartoons and stealing cookies before dinner? I didnt even know what sex was at 11.

I hope my little sister doesn't have sex at eleven, I'd throw up lol.

Yeah, I'd be worried. There may be an unfortunate reason she lost her virginity at 11. In other news: ew!

wait, can humans get nuetered?

yes its called a vasectamy for males and i forget for humans

im retarded i ment for women i dont know

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t#86-great time last nite- everyone said ur a slut but goddamn how's u do THAT!!

awwwh that's horrible, your poor virgin eyes! that's what porns for.

theian01 3

Porn wouldn't be in real life.

theian01 3

Or, in person... >_>

He's watched porn. He said his first time IN PERSON was his moms. Soo yeah.

kivkiv 2

finally a 1st comment without saying first

well maybe you should get a hooker?

that's what I was thinking.... seriously dude you need to get laid!

yeah you are soooo right! I mean since he clearly can't convince some girl to willingly do it it's much better for him to force some single mother/poor runaway with daddy issues to f" him so she can feed her child/pay for school/support her drug addiction. so cool I'm sure that's how he imagined the special moment. I mean god for bid he should have to make some type of effort.

sourgirl101 28

Or go to a strip club. They have many boobies there to see.

So we all agree that he should definitely get a hooker. Coolbeans.

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#2: pants? o_O You mean shirt...?

Her boobs are located on her legs DUH!

No, I mean pants. I was relating to the OP's mental pain of seeing his mother without some article of clothing.

Did you at least give her a whistle? She gave you life the least you could give her in return is a slap on the butt?

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Faaake. or either your life really is fcked.

What? You never saw your moms tits before?

who wuld want to u twisted fuck?

Loosen your panties moron. If you couldn't tell that was a joke, you're an idiot.

lol 117 that was a funny joke

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27 year old virgin?? Sorry..

uhh I'm not sure if you get the picture, it's his MOM. that's like fucking a senior. :0

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wats wrong with being virgin ? im a virgin ^^