By thegirlofthedad - 29/01/2013 09:48 - India - Mumbai

Today, I saw a lady who had fainted. I ran over to help, only to find out that she was unstable and had a knife in her hand. She was pointing it at me, and growled threateningly every time I tried to move away. It took the cops an hour to defuse the situation. FML
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This is quite possibly the most twisted FML I've seen for a long time.

There are too many crazy people around, but props to you for trying to help.


This is quite possibly the most twisted FML I've seen for a long time.

this is a situation that is a legitimate fml without much humor to it. a good dead that does not go unpunished in a really scary way. after the jokers explaination of why he uses a knife to kill people, it would be a nightmare to find yourself on the receiving end of the blade. truly FYL OP. you deserve ALL OF THE COOKIES!

24 - what an inconvenient typo.

oh god, deed***

I'd honestly be very scared if this happened to me. I kept waiting for it to be a joke. I wonder how the police diffused the situation...

Taser, and kicking. Lots of kicking. To the face. Don't you watch their videos on YouTube?

I can relate to that OP, yesterday a girl got hit in the face by some guy, and I went over and asked if she was alright, and the 6ft4 bulky man who hit her came back and went full speed at me shouting shit out me, and i was running away and I went to go down the escalator but the right way side was closed so i went down the one coming up and busted my ankle at least 3 times running down it, now its gonna take a month at least to heal, and I had just gotten back into gym after not going for 3 months after having tonsilitis, glandular, and breaking my wrist consecutively..

Woah there 84!, that's an FML in itself right there.

84. Have you tried praying, cause with your luck you really do need God

*defuse. Diffusion is the process of gases spreading out into an equilibrium concentration

There are too many crazy people around, but props to you for trying to help.

no good deed goes unpunished :(

He didn't die. There's his reward.

Maybe OP's a bodysnatcher and now the only one who can save us is Haldol'ed up in a locked psych ward.... Or something.

I hope you didn't get hurt and she got the help she needs.

She should be thrown in a straight jacket in a mental hospital. She isn't capable of living in modern society.

Well, that really isn't something you'd expect to happen when attempting to help somebody. I'm sorry, OP.

At least you were nice enough to try and help in the first place.

Sorry it happened to you. Don't stop helping people - good energy will get back to you someday hopefully.

Not dying, as a result of goodwill from helping someone is supposed to be a bonus?

Doesn't she know psychotic zombie-like, bath salt induced freaks are like totally 2012?

Sounds like your typical Bollywood drama film :)