By thegirlofthedad - India - Mumbai
Today, I saw a lady who had fainted. I ran over to help, only to find out that she was unstable and had a knife in her hand. She was pointing it at me, and growled threateningly every time I tried to move away. It took the cops an hour to defuse the situation. FML
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  sens3sfailing  |  24

this is a situation that is a legitimate fml without much humor to it. a good dead that does not go unpunished in a really scary way. after the jokers explaination of why he uses a knife to kill people, it would be a nightmare to find yourself on the receiving end of the blade. truly FYL OP. you deserve ALL OF THE COOKIES!

  7yzz  |  18

I can relate to that OP, yesterday a girl got hit in the face by some guy, and I went over and asked if she was alright, and the 6ft4 bulky man who hit her came back and went full speed at me shouting shit out me, and i was running away and I went to go down the escalator but the right way side was closed so i went down the one coming up and busted my ankle at least 3 times running down it, now its gonna take a month at least to heal, and I had just gotten back into gym after not going for 3 months after having tonsilitis, glandular, and breaking my wrist consecutively..