By TheGolfGTI - 10/06/2015 07:08 - United States - Round Rock

Today, I saw someone accidentally leave their headlights on downtown. Trying to be a helpful, I chased them down 2 blocks only to be informed that their headlights automatically turn off. FML
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TheGolfGTI tells us more.

Thanks for all the friendly comments! The full story is that I was at outside of whole foods in my car when an old couple got out of their truck. I saw in my rear view mirror that they left their lights on. The street they were going down was a one way street, so I chased after them on foot. After some running and little shoving I reached them only for the wife to tell me "Oh hun, they turn off by themselves." I went back and yes, she was correct.

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praesidiem 16

No good deed goes unpunished, OP. Maybe they'll appreciate your concern?

JustinJK 21

A lot of new cars have auto off lights. mine does, but I'm used to people calling me out on forgetting to turn them off. And valet always turn of my lights. it's annoying. But it was a kind gesture to run after them.


praesidiem 16

No good deed goes unpunished, OP. Maybe they'll appreciate your concern?

I agree. Sucks to waste your time, but not many people would do that, OP! You should be proud of yourself. My car shuts off the headlights automatically as well but I'm always wicked paranoid they won't shut off this time. I'm sure the person OP tracked down was thankful!

I've done this as well! How are people supposed to know? And why do they take so long to switch off, anyway?

It's a feature called "guide me home", it's helpful in a dark driveway or garage. You can turn it off though.

It also seems that an OP with a car as a user name would know this.

I hope they at least thanked you for your concern

At least you were trying to be helpful OP! Kudos to you!

I can't count how many people have chased me down for the same reason. The headlight delay is really irritating. But it's always nice to see people being concerned and considerate towards people they don't know.

I don't know why is this is down voted, it's good people are nice enough to help strangers like this

Look on the bright side... you got your exercise in for the year. And you were being helpful.

Think of your chase as an improvised workout.