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Today, I saw a text message on my husband's phone from a "Candice", asking him if he and his wife are still separated, followed by an invitation to spend the night. I never knew we were separated in the first place. FML
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Well now you are... Take him for all he's worth!

Dump his ass. Once a cheater, always a cheater, and they are never worth it.


Well now you are... Take him for all he's worth!

OP, your husband is certainly a piece of prickshit. You deserve better and hopefully you will find better than that asshole.

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I agree with #1. If you intend to end it, try forwarding the message to yourself or take a picture of it. Or, better yet, get the message records pulled (I think that's what they're called--if not, then get the equivalent). Gather up as much evidence as you can of his infidelity (there is ALWAYS evidence). And, depending on his type of work, if you can prove that he's been shirking his job responsibilities to cheat (which is more common than you'd believe), the better for you and the (much) worse for him. Of course, if you want a nice, clean break (or if Mississippi does no-fault divorces), just end it right there. You have perfect reason to do both. Either way, do something, because that kind of treatment is just outright bullshit.


You werent separated, but now you are.

Prickshit? That's one I've never heard before. From someone with a MLP avatar no less

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I love how if the man cheats or even possibly cheats all you bitches are all "dump his ass", "take him for everything", "he's not worth it" or "once a cheater always a cheater" but if its the woman who cheats then, 90% of the time, everyone is all "oohh stick with it, I'm sure it'll work out". don't believe me then look thru old fmls and see the differences in comments yourselves

Sometimes that happens to men worse than women, and it sucks but that's just how it played out in history. :/ Whichever sex it is though, they deserve a hard slap to the face, and some punisment. You should be nice and hold the door for ladies, not bastards.

92 - so what's your point? if you're trying to justify his cheating, you failed. I'm sure for every handful of "stick with it" bs comments you've seen on fmls relating to female cheaters, there's a larger handful of "****" and "you deserve better" or "hit it real quick for the last time and dump her ass" comments.

Oh and I almost forgot, a quote from my friend The Templar: "betrayal may never be forgiven." and "But the will of the templar is stronger!" That second quote might be irrelevent though. Hopefully some understand :D

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niplipsip, I'm not saying it is justification. did you read anywhere in my post about it being justified? nope, me neither. I was just amusing about the double standard. nope, again, like I said 90% of the comments are, by far, more positive about the woman. well I guess its just payback for my making more money for doing the same job as a woman

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devil, maybe I'm reading you 1st comment after mine wrong but why would I hold a door for a bastard anyway?

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Believe me, 92, I would give the same advice if the genders were reversed in this FML. My ONLY hesitations would be if there was reasonable doubt (I see practically none in this FML), or if there are kids involved. Gender has nothing to do with either of those.

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Or they still blame the man saying somehow it was his fault that the woman was driven to cheat. Ex: he didn't show her he loved her enough, he didn't pay enough attention, he didn't make the effort, he got lazy in bed, etc. However, none of this could ever possibly be true vise versa! Right?!?!

I have yet to see that one here. Nobody should cheat on their partner and unless they are willing to get the counseling to fix the problem, then leave them for someone who won't do it.

126, you're wrong, but also right because a man also cheats if a "hot piece of ass" is tempting enough. you're wrong because some men do want attention, do want a woman to go on top, do want to be able to spend time with them. forget about one night stands, it seems to me those who enter an affair are receiving that attention they want... WHATEVER THE DAMN GENDER.

Love the thumb down bandwagon. Not a single person mentions my post having anything wrong with it, yet it gets burried.

Should of texted her back and said he has herpes.

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So you should have kept him satisfied sexually

Maybe if you were better in bed he wouldn't have to lie??

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Ouch! That hurts. Sorry OP. you deserve better.

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What if op is secretly a con-artist, or a burglar, or a shallow person who only loves/loved her husband for his looks? Does she still deserve better, point I'm making is that you can't judge on a huge story (guaranteed there are plenty more details) on just a few details. Yes I know that statistically op is probably a normal citizen who either has a job or keeps house, but the point is unless you know who op is don't say "you deserve better" sorry for the rant but it upsets me when I see these kinds of posts.

Does anyone take for account that op took her husbands phone, any chance that maybe op is doing the same and wants to get her husband in trouble like 95% of cheaters?

180- the husband's phone could have been on the counter or something then maybe op just saw the name Candice. she might have been suspicious since she didn't know the name

That's when you hit reply to Candice and tell her "it's best to wait until my latest bout of genital warts has been treated" and then wait a min and send another text to her "took your advice babe and scared off that Candice chick with the warts story. So much easier than explaining I'm now into dudes!"

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Thats funny and witty as hell...thanks for the laugh!

Dump his ass. Once a cheater, always a cheater, and they are never worth it.

Are you being sarcastic or not? Make up your mind 73.

Was intended to get people thinking as well as to insult.

N take it from me..I was with him after he cheated thinkin he would change, but guaranteed, once u accept it once, it gives them the green light to do it more n more n bolder n bolder..GUARANTEED!

Not guaranteed. Yes there are ass wipes out there who can't help but cheat, but continuing and strengthening a relationship after infidelity is not impossible. It takes a lot of time and forgiveness and trust building, but it can be worth it. Believe it or not, some people learn from their mistakes. (I have been cheated on so I've done my research and there are happy couples that have survived infidelity). OP, it's your choice what steps you want to take, now.

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Well, now his dreams will come true!

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and, depending on how the OP acts, he'll learn just as quickly what people mean when they say, "Be careful what you wish for."

6..Man sick adventure time picture :)

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Fyl your husbands a low life

Hey! Or wait, is this your cousin again?

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Hahah, that's hilarious :)

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Thumbed up because of your picture... : PP

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I think you should call her. And then both of you can be mad at him.

maybe she should cheat on him with "Candice"! What a twist?

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^ Or the excellent spinoff of a homemade **** video!

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I watched Being John Malkovich a few days ago, which actually had the wife and mistress hooking up. Man, that was a weird movie.

It don't work..a lot of females these days don't care that men are married..they will still continue to see him n sleep with him

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But Candice thinks they're separated. So she does care. Otherwise she wouldn't have asked.

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Deprecated is not divorced, she should wait till its legally divorced, or ask how long they have been seperated

So sorry OP. I just found out my husband cheated on me. I thoroughly understand the devastation you are feeling.

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope things get easier for you soon.

I just found out the same thing about my ex fiancée about a month ago he is now married with a 7th child on the way..... Man that's almost an FML in itself...

I feel sorry for you guys; but remember, no matter what, that he isn't cheating because you aren't good enough. He's cheating because it makes him feel powerful, and if you're in love with a power-hungry monster, then he will never ever deserve you! DUMP HIM ON HIS ******* ASS!!!!!!!!

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Get the phone records and use the evidence to collect!

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Evidence of what? That he received a text message? The text was from someone else; not from him advertising his availability. I could send you a message asking why you killed that cop; doesn't mean you did it.

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No, a history of cheating, which could be used against him if they decide to divorce. A pattern of communication such as this with physical records is important if she wants to split.