By CanadianEH - 08/11/2016 23:39

Today, my dog ate my underwear. This is the twenty-seventh pair that he has eaten. FML
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The next pair will be twenty-ate!

Maybe you should put your underwear somewhere else...


Maybe you should put your underwear somewhere else...

OP is like "so you mean i should stop storing them in his food bowl?"

My brothers dog used to eat the crotch out all my undies. He'd grab them off the line or get them out the laundry basket. Drove me nuts.

Try training your dog...

ashyash90 8

maybe put them away in a drawer or something??

And thus the inspiration for the next season of Orange is the New Black is found; Piper will expand her panty business to the dog food market.

The next pair will be twenty-ate!

Dogs get addicted to certain tastes, a vet would agree. Keep them in a hamper or away where your dog can't get them

You would think that after the first few pairs you would put them away.

He just loves your scent! Did he chew them off your sweaty bod? If you're not into that, YDI x 26.

lennon_ 16

Do you not know how bad that is for your dog? Put your underwear away!

I had a tiny little wiener dog that used to do that. I always always always put them away, but he somehow kept getting them. I finally caught him in the act threading the underwear through the holes in my hamper.

imagineapc 11

I also have a wiener dog who likes to eat the crotch out of undies! I had to get a fabric-lined hamper so he can't get them. Every now and then he'll still get a pair, though.

Maybe poop a little next time, that'll show him a brand new taste.

Dogs like to eat shit... moron