By TuteSweet - 12/08/2011 06:17 - United States

Today, I walked outside my house to find my father in nothing but his underwear, spraying ants with ant-killer, laughing like a maniac and screaming, "Die bitches! Die!" FML
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Who needs to call pest control when you've got dad?

Cool dad bro. Also at least he was wearing undies? :)


I do this with cockroaches, I also leave a knife out so they know what's comin to them. Also leave the dead ones over night. Sending those bugs a stern message.

I think he might have had a fee too many last night, don't you think?

Well he didn't want ant's in his pant's.

did your new friend come over and see him naked later on?

18- wanna come spray my house? ;)

I prefer to just eat them, there's no need to invest in ant kill...

Your dad is a champion!

I'm never in my underwear but I have said "Die Bitches" to them.

He sounds like my pimp. Only with more guns and baseball bats and less ant poison.

top 5 funniest fmls I've a Eva read do sho

you will never know until you try . its fun!

those ants are crazy bitchs.

Any Bully much? Just don't be surprised if you find a bug sized version of your father on your kitchen counter tomorrow trying to steal a bread crumb.

18 - you're sick, but I like your style.

Sounds like he's the type of guy who'd rather use a blow torch on the roaches and a sound amplifier so he could hear the screams of the roaches. Haha. There's this roach killer in Russia that when you spray the roaches, they stop, start to shake, literally split in two, and die. It's rad.

122, significant decrease of cockroaches a d bugs in my house now. This method works.

well my solution for ANY kind of pests is simply arming my lighter and parfume, aim at the target, pulling the trigger of both at thr same time i tried shooting a big spider with my electrical Airsoft gun but it didnt gone very well...

Was he met by all the neighborhood kids and their paintball guns?

Watch out for him, if there's ever a zombie apocalypse.

i wish my dad did that! hahaha.

don't piss off your dad. and consider getting him some pills...and pants

Yeah, sure 150. I bet your house is nasty with dead roaches laying around.

Bitches get stitches

Who needs to call pest control when you've got dad?

Haha. Guess the problem needed to be taken care of quickly! Wearing pants maximises your chances of getting them stuck in the pant legs.

this fml is freakn hilarious

this fml is freakn hilarious

Introducing D.A.D. Also known as Die, ants! Die! It's 100 percent effective, and 100 percent embarrassing!

#2 you gotta niiiiice pussy might wanna shave that thingbefore it starts shedding.

EPIC WIN^^^^^^

hahaha epic comment 86, I lmao'd

Since he does not seem to be embarrassed easily, you should tell all your friends and family. They will laugh, and you will feel better.

nice username haha

Well, they told everyone on FML.

Consult your doctor if problems persist

i think you mean exterminator.

I think you mean psychiatrist.

No, isn't it obvious? She means chiropractor! How'd you guys miss that?

Cool dad bro. Also at least he was wearing undies? :)

Yes, he was. Read the fml, or was that a random question mark?

so true! things could have been a whole lot worse without them..

17- Reread the comment. Slowly.

It would have been better if he was wearing a thong.

It would have been better if he was wearing a thong.

17 While you're at it, read the username, slowly... I think "bro" is an incorrect term to describe op...

That's an awesome dad.

Wow I could not find anything to say this is just so ... odd.

My dad does that but with gun and the ants are my family

not funny , you need a stern talkin to , bhoy .

Who wouldn't do that? I fucking hate those little bastards I cANT stand them D:

What have the ants done?

Ants are ass holes, that's common knowledge.

They're an invasion force, gotta protect his home!

One day they will eat your dinner.

and end up in your pants!

These ants were plotting a terrorist attack on the sugar bowl.

They are on his property duhh! Kill them bitches

the ants got his pants!! ants in the pants!:).

Can I have your dad? Mine is too boring.