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  skizzlerz  |  0

Any Bully much? Just don't be surprised if you find a bug sized version of your father on your kitchen counter tomorrow trying to steal a bread crumb.

  dzhonatan  |  14

Sounds like he's the type of guy who'd rather use a blow torch on the roaches and a sound amplifier so he could hear the screams of the roaches. Haha. There's this roach killer in Russia that when you spray the roaches, they stop, start to shake, literally split in two, and die. It's rad.

  KaanTech  |  0

well my solution for ANY kind of pests is simply arming my lighter and parfume, aim at the target, pulling the trigger of both at thr same time

i tried shooting a big spider with my electrical Airsoft gun but it didnt gone very well...