By anonymous - United States - Philadelphia
Today, I went to my grandmom's house for an hour or so. When I came home, my boyfriend was on the bed, covered in the sheets and about to cry. Turns out he taped his ballsack to his leg and couldn't get it off because it "hurts too much." I'm 24 and he's 26. FML
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  EvilUndead  |  9

38, Once upon a time I used to live with a very moody house cat that had razor-sharp claws and demeanor of a royalty (you touch it - you bleed), so I used to wear plenty of band-aids. Band aids peel off in shower/bath.

So for this dude it'll be the same thing, unless he used superglue or stapler. In case of "superglue", it'll peel off in a few days (skin constantly regenerates and dead cells fall off, so eventually pretty much anything will peel off), in case of a stapler, cement or something similar, there's 911/emergency phone.