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Today, I was fired from job as a personal trainer. Why? Because I was working out with a friend while off-duty. Apparently, working out with a friend on a day off means I am training them under the table. FML
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Its not like your running a underground fitness club

Imagining this, I would think working out under the table would be quite difficult, let alone training someone else under the table with you.


There's nothing wrong with that... /:

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I think she means that there is nothing wrong with working out off-duty.

I would want my personal trainer to work out in their free time if anything. It would probably enhance their ability to train me.

Its not like your running a underground fitness club

The first rule of Fitness Club: you do not talk about Fitness Club.

first rule about fitness club don't talk about fitness club

correction: 1st rule of fitness club: always talk about fitness club!!

But how will my Instagram followers know that I workout??

What about my running a underground fitness club? You need to finish your sentences.

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You guys are the worst members of... the... club... Woops.

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#3 - Well, I thought it was funny at least. Obvious sarcasm is obvious.

That sucks. It's sad how greedy this world is.

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Why do you... A ballsack? I... Huh?

It's all about money now.. It's sad. The wiser we get the more the world seems crazy ;)

Am I wrong in thinking that you're supposed to have a training buddy so as you train better and safer? I would think they would encourage this as a good example.

No, I actually had to research this, and it made more sense working out with someone else

When weight lifting and pushing your limits, it's definitely better to have a workout buddy and makes it so much easier. It's kind of hard to push your limits when you don't have one.

If you're lifting free weights you should have someone spotting you so you don't do something dumb like choke yourself with a barbell while bench pressing.

It sounds to me like they were just looking for an excuse to fire you op. If op was training his friend during his off time (which is none of their business what he does during his personal time) he probably wouldn't be stupid enough to do it at the club he works at. He would probably do it somewhere else. Ya, I think they were just looking for a reason op. Sorry. :(

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How can you see from the boss's point of view, if he has his head up his ass?

Off the clock means none of the boss' goddamn business.

I semi agree, it does look a wee bit dodgy. That's presuming that the OP was giving their friends tips, if not then all good! Plus the OP probably doesn't have to pay to use the gym as a work perk so they're using a perk of the job to potentially help a friend.

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That's stupid. Try to explain that to them and hopefully they'll understand. They should have asked first though before just assuming.

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Well I feel that's a bit more serious than this, but yeah you're right.

Imagining this, I would think working out under the table would be quite difficult, let alone training someone else under the table with you.

Haha, wouldn't it just. Kinda like the gym fanatics version of limbo... :P

Don't they cancel gym memberships for helping a friend instead of using the trainers that work at the gym?

I haven't seen any place like that. All the gyms I've been to you get the choice of a personal trainer or not. I just workout with my boyfriend cause you have to pay more for the personal trainer.

I remember reading an article of this body building mom helping her son workout and they canceled her membership for not asking a trainer for help

No... But Planet Fitness will kick you out for grunting or being too attractive, so it's not exactly a stretch to see nonsense like that in the future. And personal trainers do cost money because they aren't there working for free. But they can be really beneficial if you are newer to working out or helping you reach specific goals because they can program your workouts to be exactly what you need them to be.

Wait, can gyms really do that? You'd think that what you do off-duty would be your own business but apparently not. :/

I agree that it's not their business what op does on his off time. But if he was training his friends at his place of business then that would be wrong (and just plain stupid) and I could see why he would be fired. But op clearly wasn't doing that and was just working out with a friend. Every workout buddy spots the other and gives pointers and encouragement, doesn't mean they're getting paid and actually "training" them.