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Today, my girlfriend started a month-long period of not talking to me. One of her male friends, who is a self-styled astrologist, told her there are "bad omens" in our relationship for the coming weeks. I don't know if I should dump her for being gullible or just plain stupid. FML
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You should really date smarter people

Dump her... Really what's the point if she won't talk to you?


You should really date smarter people

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don't dump your girlfriend for being stupid. dump her because she is naive and gullible. if she believes in this nonsense, imagine other incredulous things she will too. you're saving yourself from a lot of trouble in the future.

Then again if you do dump her your basically proving this other guy right when he says that your relationship is going through bad times

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19 - no, he is proving that he isn't an idiot by leaving that girl.

I suppose tbh I can see where you and everyone is coming from. If I was put in that position I would dump all I'm saying is that I would annoy me knowing that she is stupid enough to then think that he was right. So to op wait till after the month of silence and dump her so you win both ways :-) problem solved

What if he told her that though to get OP to dump her so that he could have her for himself?

Then the other guy is stuck with the stupid bitch lmao

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I agree. It's possible the other guy just wants to hook up with her & needed to get you away from her while he tries. Wait out the month, then dump her for being so naive & fickle. I wouldn't give her the opportunity to be right.

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You don't need to talk to ****

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I read first line and i was like wtf.... ' Today, my girlfriend had a month long period' Then i read the rest lol. Dump her -.- tell her the bad omen is

'Today my girlfriend had a month long period' could have been an FML too.

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110 - no, that would have been an FHL situation.

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I stopped reading at "Month Long Period." that's a true FML.

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If you still get sex out of her, she's a keeper. No nagging and bitching, just sex with a really stupid girl...

Dump her ass and say it's a self-fulfilling prophesy; and that if she didn't see an astrologer it would have been fine.

Dump her... Really what's the point if she won't talk to you?

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I bet she doesn't last longer than three days. I don't know any woman that could not say a word to their significant other for a month.

Go kick the male friend in the balls. Then tell him he should have seen it coming through the stars. Should give you a bit of satisfaction at least...

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I agree with 38. OP should consider himself lucky he'll get a few days of quiet.

Well if OP did dump her, the omens would be right

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96- that's what inwas gonna say! Haha

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If your "girlfriend" won't talk to you for a whole month, then what the hell is the point?

Show her her mistakes don't call a woman stupid is what I should say but in this situation idgaf

There's this thing called a space. I see you found it... Now, for everyone's sake, use it right.

CI agree. ? dœñt š?ë whÿ p?øp?è ãr? disagreeing so much.

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OP should talk to her reasonably and explain why that other guy would be wrong. For example, how could the other guy know their relationship was in trouble?

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Idk if I should laugh or shake my head to that

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i laughed while shaking my head in the mirror. i looked ugly.

I couldn't see what I looked like because my head was moving too fast. So I recorded it with my phone and watched the playback. I looked ugly.

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You have a girl that doesn't talk. I don't see the problem!

The problem is that if he breaks up with her, the astrologist dude would be right. Can't avoid fate, even if it's not really your fate.

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#104 - #6 was being sarcastic. If OP and the girlfriend DO break up, it wouldn't be because of some "bad omen" shit, it would be because OP is SMART and dumps the girl for being STUPID. See?

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Tell her to ditch her friend and work things out!

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I'm pretty sure he tried that already..

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I'd keeping an eye on that guy. He might NE trying to make a move

Yep, this is a bad omen: Her taking orders from that douche is an omen that they're having sex behind OP's back.

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I was thinking the same thing, it looks like her friend turned out to be right.

I think the phrase is 'self-fulfilling prophecy'. After all, she wouldn't have stopped talking to the OP and caused the OP to consider breaking up with her if the crystal-rubbing friend hadn't told her that her relationship was going to go badly which caused her to stop talking to the OP and round we go again.

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Exactly, it's a huge cycle so TECHNICALLY, crazy friend is right

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When I read the first line I was like WTF! Then I read the rest and I was slightly disappointed. Woulda been a better FML :(