By chefdujour - United States
Today, I spent 5 hours preparing dinner for my fianc''s grandparents, whom I've never met. At dinner, his grandmother says to him, "If you're going to pick someone to spend the rest of your life with, at least make sure she can cook." I'm the executive chef at a 4 star restaurant. FML
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#82 "five star" restaurants don't exist. four stars is the most that industry-respected guides give. if Op was referring to the Michelin guide's four stars that's the best you can be. period.

  TheDrifter  |  23

My grandmother said exactly that to me about my wife's cooking many years ago, she meant it as a compliment, but english is not her first language. Could it have just been poor phrasing of an endorsement of you as wife material op?

By  msw52  |  0

If you made it that far in your career, you've got to be good.

Either the grandparents just wanted to be negative, or you cooked something that was not their taste

By  Hong_Kong  |  0

haha they probably just had bad taste. my grandpa complains about everything. took him to a nice restaurant once and he said they street store below his house makes better fish (I'm from Asia so.), dw about it. old people.

By  mak_fml  |  0

I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes grandparents have awful taste. My grandmother, for example, though everything needed salt. She once said her salad was "too fresh."