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Today, I went to the restaurant I recently got a job at, to take the introductory three hour training course. Afterwards, I was told I wasn't hired after all. Why? The girl I was replacing suddenly decided she didn't want to move away and quit after all. FML
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nightfall8705 tells us more.

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OP here! There is so much more to this story than I'm not going into, but the jist of it is this: I was to replace this chick who was supposed to be moving to Texas with her "church" and I was perfect to fill in her absence. The dumbledouche hiring manager told me several times I was hired and that the girl was moving and all that. Then the excuses start for why I couldn't take my test. First, the computer was down. Second, the manager said he was managing 3 stores at once because another manager had a "heart attack", and the third time was because he "had an emergency" situation last week, and told me to come in yesterday. After the test, he broke the news to me that his thundercunt (my words, not his) employee decided she wasn't going to move to Texas after all, because her baby daddy were here and she needed money from him and that she found out the welfare was better in SC than Texas. I probably won't even get paid for my time, but that's not even what I'm pissed about. Turns out that "emergency" the hiring manager had was a vacation in Hawaii. He must have forgotten the lie he told me, because those words came directly from his cum balloon mouth. I've got an interview for a job on Monday for an even better restaurant anyway, so screw em'.

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You have quite the vocabulary there haha. but it's quite clear why you're pissed off. Hopefully this other restaurant has enough sense to treat people with a little respect.

Honestly it sounds like a good thing. If the restaurant is that disorganized and unreliable, it's better not to work there anyway. I'm sorry they wasted your time there, though!


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I think it's safe too assume anything posted on a site called F*#/ MY LIFE. is gonna be "unlucky"

22, you never know. Sometimes its just people bitching about the consequences of their douchey actions. This FML in particular is unlucky though

Honestly it sounds like a good thing. If the restaurant is that disorganized and unreliable, it's better not to work there anyway. I'm sorry they wasted your time there, though!

Exactly, but I definitely would ask them to pay me for the day.

I'm not sure if the restaurant is disorganised, I assume the person who was supposed to be leaving only told them after the course. I can understand why they'd keep the person they know on.

I've had something similar happen to me once. The girl was supposed to leave in a month and they led me to believe I was actually getting the job; I never did. In my opinion, you dodged a bullet. An employer like that is just not worth your time.

What really sucks is that OP learned all this stuff for nothing. Good luck op find a better job

Welcome to FML, where being a captain obvious gets you down votes

That a pretty Major descision you are making.

That's awful! How unprofessional! I really hope you were at least compensated for your wasted time! I'm sorry OP, hope your next job is a million times better

I'm new here, can someone tell me what OP stands for? I know it refers to the person who posted it, but what is it?

Wait, where's the guy who says Optimus Prime?!

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I don't understand why some people find the need to ask questions like this. I mean, it's not like they are on a device that can access Google or anything.

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Make them pay you for the three hours!

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Wonder if you can file for unemployment from them.... Hmmm