By ThreeTimesUnlucky - 17/10/2012 18:52 - South Africa - Edenvale

Today, I received another letter of rejection from the university of my dreams. I got it the first time, but thanks for reminding me. FML
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Call the university and tell them to stop sending the letters. Probably an error in the system.


Well if his dream university can't even count to one properly, I'd call it a lucky break..

Hey Op who needs college, look at Bill Gates he dropped out and he is doing just fine.

Reeserr 3

haha, guess they didn't like this person very much.

Was it Hogwarts? i heard that the admissions board can be real witches


"In case we didn't kill your spirits the first time, here you go.."

Call the university and tell them to stop sending the letters. Probably an error in the system.

Nah, they just like to rub in the misery. :D

chell1894 13

If its meant to be it'll be. That just means something better is out there for you.

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I'm guessing some students in the past that were rejected tried to attend classes. That, or they just want to make sure you understand that you were rejected. Either way, that just sucks to get rejected twice by the same college.

fylx100 19

I think OP, unfortunately, got rejected three times. The username says "three times unlucky" :-/

I would call administration and say," so does this mean I can't come?" Sorry op but there is your first grown up lesson; your dreams don't always pan out. And you didn't even have to pay me for that. Your welcome! I hope you at least applied to more than one place, if not hit up your local community college.

Here's a tip that you don't have to pay ME for... Get off your pedestal and shut up.

Jesus Christ capitalist, you apparently need to get on a pedestal and learn how to properly reply to a situation.

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They just want to make it clear: DO NOT COME HERE

Something similar happened to my sister except her rejection letter came a month after the semester started. Everyone she knew who was applying (it was for a transfer) got their letters in April and she got her rejection letter in late September. Well I guess not similar but both sucky situations

perdix 29

I got my rejection letter at the graduation ceremony! Stupid Postal System! I worked hard to get my B.A. in General Studies with a 1.6 GPA, only to find on the last day it was all for naught. 13 years, down the tube!

Wait, so let me get this straight, you were attending a university for a long time...but it was a university who didn't want you?

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Just wait, maybe the next one will be an acceptance letter!

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According to OP's username this was his third time.

Could have been a mistake. Don't worry op, I'm sure there's another college for you.

lacespace 8

And now that your FML got approved you'll get a notification that brings you here, to all our comments, talking about how you got rejected. Twice.