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By  nothing92x  |  23

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By  kimg0885  |  34

I would call administration and say," so does this mean I can't come?" Sorry op but there is your first grown up lesson; your dreams don't always pan out. And you didn't even have to pay me for that. Your welcome! I hope you at least applied to more than one place, if not hit up your local community college.

By  SammyS2012  |  36

Something similar happened to my sister except her rejection letter came a month after the semester started. Everyone she knew who was applying (it was for a transfer) got their letters in April and she got her rejection letter in late September. Well I guess not similar but both sucky situations

  perdix  |  36

I got my rejection letter at the graduation ceremony! Stupid Postal System! I worked hard to get my B.A. in General Studies with a 1.6 GPA, only to find on the last day it was all for naught. 13 years, down the tube!

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