By germaphobe - 19/8/2021 20:59 - United States

Fussy eater

Today, my kids and I went to have dinner with a coworker. After everyone ate, the kids went to play while I helped clear the dishes. To my horror, instead of individually wrapping the kids leftovers, she scraped all the uneaten food back into the main pots. I wanted to puke on the spot. FML
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  kfchicken  |  31

while that maybe true 1. this person is ops coworker, so they probably make similar amounts of money, 2. op has a relative idea of how much they make. also we're kinda in the middle of a pandemic, not only is this unsanitary it's also unsafe.

  rotflqtms_  |  20

It's not even that... How do you know the food you just ate weren't left overs? Even if not, they pile up all the food everyone else just ate to eat again as left overs. Timmy chewed up his chicken, but didn't like it and decided to spit it back out onto his plate. Even if not, kids tend to play in their food.

I don't have kids, but I can't see myself ever eating after one. I couldn't see myself eating ANYONE'S leftovers tbh. Talking over it, spit flying everywhere. Food falling from their mouth. Them playing with their food. Them being sick and spreading it to their plate...

All this and I haven't even mentioned COVID... I mean come on!!! Even for people who'd normally do this... it isn't even just their food, but EVERYONE'S??? Even the guests? Talk about spreading the germs...
And if they're that willy nilly with leftover food safety, I don't even wanna know about their meal prep...