By Kat - United States
  Today, I bragged to a coworker that our boss compliments me constantly on my work performance, my fashion sense, and my trustworthiness. She then directed me to a "neighborhood watch" website. My boss is a registered sex offender. FML
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By  Cassy_fml  |  0

That's seriously unsettling... FYL

I think the comments on your fashion sense were a tip-off, I mean I think it's out of place for a boss if he often makes them.

By  Cassy_fml  |  0

#7: So you're saying sex trade workers deserve sexual violence? Very nice and witty. I guess prostitutes aren't human anymore, just like those people who think any man or woman deserves to live with the threat of brutality. </sarcasm mode>

  rooneyroo  |  0

If you wanted to use a mock HTML code for sarcasm, you'd need an open tag too. Hahaha

Also, sex workers are not as human as say, a fourth grade teacher or a policeman. They're all biologically human but not in terms of self worth.