By coffee girl - 22/07/2011 20:31 - Canada

Today, the gift my mother had mailed me for my birthday finally arrived. It was a gift card for Starbucks. A gift card that had already been redeemed. FML
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Give it back to her for Christmas

My mom tried to do the same, I feel your pain.


My mom tried to do the same, I feel your pain.

Well at least go in there to get the free song of the week.

Take a shit on it and mail it back to her.

flockz 19

so are ******** from your sister.

So are ******** from your grandpa with a deformed penis.

She definitely put a lot of thought into your gift.

enonymous 8

Well did you ask her how the coffee was? pretty rude if you didn't.

better than nothing. at least you didnt wake up naked on the roof

53- The coffee is either black due to racism or creamed due to sexism. There isn't much to ask about.

Hey it's the though that counts...right?

79- combining similar FMLs is never a good idea.

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#37 what does your grandpa's penis have to do with the ******** he performs?

hey, at least u got 50cents worth of plastic!!!!!!

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83, I thought it was humorous...

your sexy...srry random...but its true (kar)

She may have mixed it up with the card she meant to send you, which wasn't redeemed. Things happen.

I have three Starbucks gift cards in my wallet, and without checking, I wouldn't know what balance was on each of them. Besides, would you prefer to think that it was done intentionally by the mother? Give her the benefit of the doubt!

I love Starbucks, but it's so expensive there.

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Its really not that expensive. Epic quality

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dunkin donuts is wayyyy better

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Dunkin Donuts fails at life.

I used to love it but it's not in my city anymore :(

Yeah, I've been pretty hit and miss with Starbucks. Sometimes I get a really good drink, and sometimes they taste like watered down shit. Not exactly epic quality. And being in Seattle, there's a Starbucks pretty much every 2 blocks.

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Starbucks is not worth the price, dunkin donoughts is disgusting.. Now Tim Hortons is the shit!! If you don't live near any just wait they will be there soon!

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Tim Hortons is amazing! I'm just sad that I don't live near any :(

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Mail her back the same card for her birthday

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oh well it's the thought that counts.