By coffee girl - 22/07/2011 20:31 - Canada

Today, the gift my mother had mailed me for my birthday finally arrived. It was a gift card for Starbucks. A gift card that had already been redeemed. FML
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ADayToPierceTheV 0

Give it back to her for Christmas

My mom tried to do the same, I feel your pain.


My mom tried to do the same, I feel your pain.

Well at least go in there to get the free song of the week.

LOOOL. True xD .

Take a shit on it and mail it back to her.

flockz 19

so are blowjobs from your sister.

So are blowjobs from your mom.

So are blowjobs from your grandpa with a deformed penis.

She definitely put a lot of thought into your gift.

enonymous 8

Well did you ask her how the coffee was? pretty rude if you didn't.

LOL oopz.. wrong teh card. :B

better than nothing. at least you didnt wake up naked on the roof

53- The coffee is either black due to racism or creamed due to sexism. There isn't much to ask about.

Hey it's the though that counts...right?

79- combining similar FMLs is never a good idea.

Thunderbender 2

#37 what does your grandpa's penis have to do with the blowjobs he performs?

hey, at least u got 50cents worth of plastic!!!!!!

MyCleverName 2

83, I thought it was humorous...

your sexy...srry random...but its true (kar)

She may have mixed it up with the card she meant to send you, which wasn't redeemed. Things happen.

I have three Starbucks gift cards in my wallet, and without checking, I wouldn't know what balance was on each of them. Besides, would you prefer to think that it was done intentionally by the mother? Give her the benefit of the doubt!

yo mama dont love you. :-(

I love Starbucks, but it's so expensive there.

sxe_beast 11

Its really not that expensive. Epic quality

chocomilk82 0

dunkin donuts is wayyyy better

sxe_beast 11

Dunkin Donuts fails at life.

I used to love it but it's not in my city anymore :(

Yeah, I've been pretty hit and miss with Starbucks. Sometimes I get a really good drink, and sometimes they taste like watered down shit. Not exactly epic quality. And being in Seattle, there's a Starbucks pretty much every 2 blocks.

TheRealHouse 7

Starbucks is not worth the price, dunkin donoughts is disgusting.. Now Tim Hortons is the shit!! If you don't live near any just wait they will be there soon!

lovelydarlings 6

Tim Hortons is amazing! I'm just sad that I don't live near any :(

pepper477 6

gotta love your mom

It's the thought that counts right?

ahh, motherly love.

what loving mother you have..... (:

ADayToPierceTheV 0

Give it back to her for Christmas

shortrevolution 0

That sucks!

Mail her back the same card for her birthday

MizzErikaHart 8

oh well it's the thought that counts.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Not really.