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Today, I received a late Christmas present from my estranged father. I was really excited, having neither seen nor heard from him in nearly two years. It was a $200 gift card for a store that only exists in Canada. I don't live in Canada. Not even close. FML
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midoridoll 3

Internet? The store could have a website you could order from


BarDownDaily 12

What's it a gift card for? How could he get one if you guys life far away. He must have gone out of his way to screw you over.

SilverInGray 25

His dad doesn't live with or probably near him.

melanie177 1

They probably have a website, why not check.

iloveboyswittats 10

It's Tim horton's and they have them in the states too

Llama_Face89 33

Urban Planet? Zellers? The Bay?

Why would you need $200 towards coffee??

jillianmathers12 13

Gift cards are accepted online too! Just do shopping online! Or if it needs to be shipped to a place in Canada ship things to the good Shepard or other charities!

Kids get in the's going to be a long night...

superbubbles 4

You can only get Tim Hortons gift cards from a Tim Hortons. So he must have gone there? I used to work there.

256- 203 means he's going to drive to Canada to use his gift card.

hockeydominatorc 0

Just guessing but I think it's canadian tire and they don't say where he lives he might live up here to !

It could be to Lulu Lemon as well ? :)

Don't you hate it when the op leaves out certain details for us curious ones?! I want to know what store this guy has $250 to!!

Confuciussay 6

175's profile picture is perfect for 186

tjv3 10

Maybe they have a website you can order from

It's Tim hortons. And it's delicious !

Just because Canadian tire has "Canadian" in it doesn't make it right. Also, what a lame ass present to a store that has junky decorations and kitchy repair jobs.

if2013 10

they said a store only in canada. they have tim hortons in america and lulu lemon in australia too

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Unfortunately, here the thought seems to be "Screw you."

ShroomsOnAcid 16 her dad. Still counts?

Somehow I don't think he put much thought into it.

81- I think the father of op might be suggesting to visit him in Canada, if he lives there, or just to visit Canada in general.

Exactly! What if he works at the store, and is giving OP hints to go there! Go OP! Fulfill seeing your father! FULFILL YOUR DESTINY! *wheeze* *wheeze*

Why does everyone assume it was intentional? I live in Canada and I have no clue which stores exist in other countries. If it was intentional, the only possible reason would be to suggest a visit. It's not like he was unaware of what country his child lived in because he somehow got it to them.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

166, you're making a lot of assumptions as well. If it was a suggestion to visit or a simple mistake, the story wouldn't be on here. This is Fmylife after all, so we have to give some credit to the OP. Also, I don't see how those are the only two possibilities. Some parents just plain don't give a shit. The father of one of my friends doesn't see her or talk to her, but does send her expensive yet completely useless to her Christmas gifts, as if only to show off his wealth. Not everyone has a perfect family. Really, there would be no FML unless OP felt her father didn't put much thought into the gift.

Is it really a loss if the father was estranged?

Not much of a thought, then. If I were to get a gift card for someone out of the country, I'd damn well make sure the store first exists and that they honor the card as well.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

197, I took that as being exactly the point of the FML. People are quick to take it at face value and assume OP only cares about not being able to use the money, but the way I understood it, the real fml is implying that the father doesn't care much about her.

191 - that was just the most likely reason why he would have bought a gift card for a Canadian store. Why else would he? Who would bother buying a $200 gift card for a Canadian store when they know it's useless when a gift card for a north American store is just as easy to get? But what I think happened is he made an honest mistake and just bought a card without thinking what countries that store exist in. I think the OP is just an ungrateful asshole who's bitching on the Internet because their gift is slightly wrong.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

258 - Like I said, the way I understood it was that OP's life is ****** because her dad doesn't care enough to check whether that store exists outside of Canada, especially since OP said her place is "not even close". It's likely she doesn't live in America, since that's "close" , so it is pretty damn stupid to overlook that. Again, it just makes more sense that OP isn't just some idiot who only wanted to complain, which would be pointless. We could come up with assumed backstories that make all OPs look like little bitches to every fml if we wanted to.

kelseygoesrawr 8

It clearly says OP lives in Florida.

Akalia_fml 7

Maybe you could plan a trip? Or you could just see if you can exchange the gift card?

kiran_fml 5

Or they might have an online store you can shop from!

maninthebox11 8

Or.. Give it to another person as a Christmas gift!

leprechaun23 15

OP has a typical Canadian father

iamesauce 4

Maybe it was the dad hinting that she should travel to Canada to see him?

3- spend more money to save money 30- thats meen 181- didnt think of it that way, good thinkin!

Don't you think he'd write for her to visit or communicate that in some direct way? If he wanted op to visit, he'd have said something.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

240, I think people are just looking for an excuse to flame the OP for being a brat, or whatever they want to imagine her as. It wouldn't make sense that way, but people will be people I suppose.

midoridoll 3

Internet? The store could have a website you could order from

Orcina1 3

This. The shipping might be a little expensive but you could just make sure the gift card covers it. Or sell it online to someone and get cash for it.

That's what I was thinking. He/She could get a Snickers bar with standard shipping.

Suzumebachi 5

That was my first thought • • •

DinosaursAreCool_fml 8

That was my first thought as well, plus sometimes it seems like the Internet has better options.

Trix_Disorder 20

It's the thought that counts. Also, see if they'll ship/have an online store.

MrMisfit, you wobble between really funny and really bad :( Pick one side already!

EvilCupcake8361 9

235- the thumbs suggest otherwise

with the moose and the beavers and the igloos and the crazy hockey players that say "eh?" all the time.

srayray 5

that sucks.but maybe the store has a website that you could check out and spend the gift card on that.

YOUR picture is grammatically incorrect.

justintwist 0

It's the thought that counts you selfish ****

^ Any excuse to feign offense and act superior, right?

Trix_Disorder 20

Well, I agree with the sentiment, at least. Getting a gift is hardly an excuse to complain.

So she can't complain about the though being " I can't be bothered to remember where you live." People are becoming less companionate by the day. OP I'm sorry for you I would cry if that happened to me.

^ you must be awfully over-sensitive. I understand disappointment, but crying is a little excessive..

GoW_Chick 14

83- *thought *compassionate Your spelling mistakes made me cry a little on the inside...

83- obviously he knew where she lived otherwise the gift would have never got to her...

GoW_Chick 14

83- after I posted that previous comment I realized I made a mistake on my own comment that's further down so my bad for the slightly bitchy sounding post I'll just go sit in the corner of shame now.

"It's the thought that matters"? Really? How much thought is put into walking into a store, picking up a clearly random giftcard, and walking out?

Maybe her dad just didn't know the store was exclusive to Canada.

255- that's what I was thinking. You guys need to calm down, it was most likely just an accident. I wouldn't be able to tell you if any of the stores where I live are available in canada. Op can just sell the card and get cash for it.

tsim_fml 0

sell it on ebay for $180 and buy yourself something nice

kylemartin95 0

XD I like how ur picture goes so well with the comment it's the thought that counts "o really?" XD

It is the thought that counts but how much thought was put into a gift card for a store not even in your country? I always think about who I'm shopping for to get them something they'll like. It's the thought that counts when you actually think about what to get them.

222 - unless the store was "Canadian tire" is an honest mistake to forget or not know the store does not exist in the US.