By mperh - 28/05/2011 12:46 - United States

Today, it's memorial day weekend. The cops are all over the place watching for speeders and drunks. Some complete dickhead decided to spray paint "cop killa" on the side of my car. It won't come off. FML
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RecklessJellyBea 7

Add more paint. Make it say "Scop Killam." Much less threatening.

Tuesdaythe10th 11


Spray paint over it? Idk about this one. FYL

futtbuck101 1

Well you might as well roll down your windows and jam some NWA

HyundaiOwner7 0

Or just put duct tape over it for the time being... that shit fixes anything

JacksonCampbell 9

Well... OBVIOUSLY... we have a rapist here in Lincoln Park City.

What is it memorial weekend for???????????

aeshleyrose 6

Futtbuck, I'm inclined to ask your advice on many more things following your post. Pure genius, my friend.

SunDropGirl 0

oh 44 that just made my day!!!(:

50- Monday Is memorial day in the us. it's a day to remember solders. making this memorial weekend

50- Monday Is memorial day in the us. it's a day to remember solders. making this memorial weekend

imacreeper 3

Bahd grahmer ftw!!! No but seriously, how do you NOT know what Memorial Day is about if you speak english?

A7X_LoVeee 10
imacreeper 3

I know what "US or USA" means but 67 wrote it as us an I read it as us.

PurpleRae420 0

Haha 18 yah blast **** THA POLICE lol nah just don't go anywhere or call someone to come pick you up and tell them what happened!

thanks in Britain the main memorial day is in November for the world war. there's was no need to thumb me down for asking a honest question

101.. you make even my shit cry youre so stupid. no one cares, stop trying to be a smart ass and go read a dictionary or something.

115, says the guy who can't spell "You're" correctly.

ill spell it correctly this time.. you're a **** tard.

117 oh && says the guy that's too stupid to realize i'm a girl.

bitchslapped22 14

imacreeper- From these comments and previous ones, I have to consider you being my least favorite person on FML.

A memorial can be for many things, usually people or events and they usually differ around the world according to local history. Read a book.

MerrikBarbarian 9

because it's an American holiday? did you know there is lots of countries that speak English which are not the USA and have different holidays then you? you even share a border with one. :p

50, your stupidity is unbelievably mind-boggling. How could you not know that OP's neighborhood was memorializing the mass suicide of the ambidextrous phbutnjacs? ****.

I think I might just go do that...right now.

So you post the confession to the crime on a social app where everyone can see

Tuesdaythe10th 11
agaba 0

nervana much? haha go slim shady :D

5-It's that little thing attached to the body of the baby in the Nirvana album that is your profile picture

RecklessJellyBea 7

Add more paint. Make it say "Scop Killam." Much less threatening.

Yinky 6

Lmao. Definitely a lot more threatening sounds like a terrorist name. :P

Link5794 18

I think a better idea would be to call the cops.

fuff_fml 4

You will make lots of new friends with your new paint job!

... shut it Ricky. usually you say things that are creative and witty and hilarious... for this comment I hate you. :) jk

randomguy1millon_fml 0

i love you too Epyk, here is a sandwhich.

oooh a sandwich.... thanks! now finish my laundry!!!

m0rgana 0

epyk nice tattoo its really cool lookin :)

I thought your username for a second was wisecrack XD

what are the cops gonna do? laugh? most times something is vandalized no one gets caught so no point in filling out the paperwork

Except in this case.. If OP was pulled over after having reported the incident, then the likelihood that OP would be "in trouble" would be minimal.

Maybe if he reports it he can get insurance to pay for repainting? idk.