Bad boys bad boys

By FuturePolice - 23/01/2012 09:56 - United States

Today, I was accepted into a police academy. I called my girlfriend of 2 years, who was supportive through the process. She promptly broke up with me, stating, "You'll be really busy in the academy, and I can't marry a police officer. Its a dangerous job." She then called me selfish for "doing this to us." FML
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At least she didn't say Fuck Tha Police.

Well I'd be kind of pissed. She's supportive but leaves you oncw you're accepted?? looks like she was looking for a loophole. hey you're a cop now. hunt her down and give her a ticket for anything! right meow!


Well that's the way the cookie crumbles

RedPillSucks 31

That sux. You're better off without her if that's how she did it. It'd be different if she was against it the whole time, but to be supportive until you got in means that she didn't think you were going to make it in the first place. She didn't have any confidence in your abilities. Find someone who does, and be happy and safe. *reply fail*

What he said ^

so u try to get the job or the girl back

Hopefully one day you'll pull her over

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F da police. Or in her case stop Fing the police.

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Shut up.

68 is right. Women will be all over you. And had said girlfriend stuck around, unless you are a beast of self control and/or understanding, you eventually would have cheated or the relationship would have eventually crumbled once you grew apart. Face it. From experience I can tell you, your social circle is about to shrink...for a number of reasons. Number one being your inability to relate to everyone anymore. They won't understand all the truly horrible things your job will force you to see/face/ deal with. It is hard to have relationships with people in law enforcement. This is not an FML. This is a YSL (You're so lucky). Imagine if she had stuck around and then ten years and three kids later, she decides enough is enough. Count your blessings and go find a girl that you can relate to better and that isn't afraid of your profession. Trust me, I know.

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Naw, that's the way the donut crumbles :D

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I'd be like: Bitch, see if I ever save you from some burglars!

Ydi. Stupid worthless pig

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This Alan guy eh

Possibly I will ponder this thought

He already said she was supporting him during the process. It take months and doesn't just happen.

ALAN (parsons project) I am the eye in the sky Looking at you I can read your mind I am the maker of RULES Dealing with FOOLS Hahahaha

2-you're an idiot. It says in plain English that she supported him through the entire process. She obviously just wanted an excuse to break it off.

melanie177 1

Are you Stupid?? Reread the FML.

I think here the problem is that women say yes when the mean no :p. "oh yah im fine" means "im going to rip your heart out and eat it".

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Read the story again. -__-

At least she didn't say Fuck Tha Police.

Just pull her over as many times as you can!

She broke up with him too soon to be able to say that.

no, she clearly didn't want to do so.

She was cheating on you

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She can be a bitch without cheating.

tparis123 5

Or she didn't wanna date a pig

@107 What an assumption. Pull something else biased out of your ass. I love magic.

tparis123 5

Only thing I'm pulling out of my ass right now is your momma's tongue.

Fascinating. What else have you got up there? Anything original?

tparis123 5

Ummmmm. Eat a dick

Hey, congrats! :)

I know, thats why I cut off the part I said something stupid... But thanks anyways!

Always finding excuses for something. There finished it for you. =D

Well I'd be kind of pissed. She's supportive but leaves you oncw you're accepted?? looks like she was looking for a loophole. hey you're a cop now. hunt her down and give her a ticket for anything! right meow!

"Today, I got pulled over by my ex boyfriend who I broke up with because he was becoming a cop. FML"

GoW_Chick 14

Haha super troopers, meow you are my favorite comment on this FML.

Forget her and be proud of yourself. Besides. That's why they give you night sticks is to beat off all the beautiful women who want a man in uniform!

At least she came through right?