By Anonymous - 29/06/2009 17:55 - Canada

Today, I put on my "fat jeans" because none of my other jeans fit. Neither do my fat jeans. FML
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kels_bets21 0

what do you usually wear then ? because you don't just gain enough weight to fit nothing overnight.

I gained 80 lbs over know what helped me lose the weight? Exercise and not being online whining about my weight and reading fml. Unless you have a thyroid problem, or another medical condition, ydi!


What #1 said. Not eating as much just might help. Just maybe.

Goldfinch86 0

aww, I know how you feel, just buy new jeans. It will be okay. Besides you can probably lose that weight if it was only a small amount gained.

kels_bets21 0

what do you usually wear then ? because you don't just gain enough weight to fit nothing overnight.

I wore stretchy shorts and yoga pants for a long time because it was summer once and when I went back to my jeans they didn't fit. It can happen.

ChrisWasHere 0

Diets don't always work. Just try excersizing instead of complaining onto FML.


curryndricegirll 0

Fine. Same for the anorexics. Tell them to eat more.

Seti_fml 0

i dont think i've ever seen a "i'm anorexic" fml. They usually know that what they're doing is their fault.

scorpioserpent 1

lmao, that's true, there aren't any I'm skinny FMLs but there's a ton of fat ones.

#45, i'm not pathetic enough to write an fml about me being extremely skinny, though, so your comment is completely irrelevant... i know the fact that i don't eat enough shows and i'm fine with that.

Maybe people don't write FMLs about being skinny because being thin (even unhealthily so) is still condoned/appreciated in our society? Whereas we've got this whole negative outlook towards any woman (there's a significant bias towards judging women rather than men on their appearance) who is even a little chubby.

Yo, Kalliope, unlike many of the dicks on this site I don't judge overweight people. (Look at my username xD) I just think complaining about it on the internet instead of actually going out and doing something about it is not only counterproductive, but... well, you know... sad.

Oh, agreed. If it's something out of the OP's control then it's perfectly valid as an FML. Weight related issues (unless they're involving some kind of illness) are within the OP's power to change. I guess my gripe is more with the fact that society still makes weight such a huge issue to begin with. My friend overheard someone say that she'd rather have cancer than be fat. (Because having cancer is such fun, right?) My mind boggles.

Damn. Your friend slapped her, right? That was a stunningly ignorant thing to say. That, or kidnap her and force-feed her pasta like the guy in the movie Se7en (Morgan Freeman / Brad Pitt).

I read a book about anorexia and it said that they asked 4th and 5th graders questions about their opinions on weight. About 75% said that they would rather have their parents die, experience a nuclear explosion, and get cancer than be fat.

@NicoleIAm That's really sad. OT, but do you remember the name of the book?

It was just called "Anorexia" but I don't remember who the author was.

insertnameherr 11

words can not express how bad of a speller you are. you need to EXERCISE that brain of yours!

Hey here's an idea, eat less, exercise more, than you won't be a fatass posting your lame crap here.

Darrian 2

Lay off the McDonalds and excercise a little.

Dabookofnothing 0

its to bad no one cares about you fatness

Number1Wiener 5

I doubt anyone here cares about fat people >.<