By DisturbedMan - 15/01/2014 22:29 - United Kingdom - Maidstone

Today, as if having to endure the noises of my parents having sex in the next room wasn't painful enough, my mom decided to shout, "Yeah! Like a horse!" I want to cry. FML
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Well, if your dad us hung like a horse she's a lucky woman. Be happy for them and next time put on headphones ;)

Well they say what's in the jeans is passed down in the genes. I'd say having a horse **** isn't such a bad thing OP.


Well, if your dad us hung like a horse she's a lucky woman. Be happy for them and next time put on headphones ;)

Noise canceling headphones can come in handy!

Who knows? Maybe the "horse" gene runs in the family!

Never mind, I just read OPs username... I said that OP could be a girl but now I realize he can't...

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I'm sorry. Have you seen horse penis? I'm pretty sure if any guy whip one out of his jeans, ALL girls would be running for the hills. That's some scary shit right there.

actually I'm not happy, you were very condescending even thou my question was simple, maybe it's you who shouldn't be here, the internet is already full of condescending people

#66, all I can picture is the horse scene from Jackass. *shudders*

Well they say what's in the jeans is passed down in the genes. I'd say having a horse **** isn't such a bad thing OP.

Just what I was thinking! I guess I should have read all of the comments before I made one stating the exact same thing. Oops.

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#2, genetics just gives you a chance to inherit your dad's junk, there's the other chance that he inherited what the men on the mum's side are packing. She might be from teeny-peeny people.

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I once read that males tend to inherit many of their mother's traits. Ex: Lots of guys favour their mother (and daughters-- their dad). Not an exact science but. . . Also, I was told that if guys want to know if they'll go bald when they grow older, look at your grandfather on your "mother's side".

Not so true, I'm about all of my dad even down to the apparent loudness we italians talk. Not sure about in the pants though... I have next to no genes of my mom and if I do they aren't visible ones. So that may be true for some but not fully. And about the hair thing my dad has thick lush hair, my mom has thinner hair. Ive got thick hair so the moms side grandfather thing is also a bit skeptical.

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I did say it wasn't an exact science. :P However, my husband is in the family of hemophilia. His body doesn't produce factor 8 so he's a bleeder and clots slowly. We were warned by the doctors that our daughter would most likely be a carrier (and pass it on if she has a male child) but our son would be unaffected. Some things do get passed on by genes because of gender.(:

@35: I might be wrong but if I remember high school correctly the genetic information about the male reproductive system is mainly or entirely located at the Y-chromosome and, therefore, gets passed from father to son only.

@47 Your daughter will most likely be a carrier because the gene is on the X chromosome. Since your husband only has one X to donate, your daughter will get that X. There is a low chance that she will not have Hemophilia. However, if you have a son, your husband will pass on his Y chromosome only, so your son will not carry the defected gene.

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My niece and nephew looks like mini clones of their mom. They look like they were spawned without a father, because he looks nothing like them. Her gene's are apparently very dominant and took over. Its scary how much they look like mini clones and have all of their mother's features and none from their dad. They even have platinum blonde hair like in the old movie with the creepy glowing eyed kids.

you might need some big jeans for those genes cx

62- to expand on that, if the daughter did get an affected X from the father, she still has her mother's X chromosome. because females are XX, one X is silenced in the genome. thats why there are higher risks for boys with X linked diseases; boys dont have that second X chromosome to silence the affected chromosome.

shoot i mixed it up... my entire comment if valid if the MOTHER is the one with the sex linked disease........ sorry guys.

Be glad they still have a good intimate relation!

parent's fornicate, that's how you got here mate, try not to listen next time, earphones maybe?

Fornication is to have sex without being married, often with a prostitute.

#5 you screwed yourself by not dumbing down the words

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Since we're all putting down 5, I'll join in. parents*

that's what I do when I can hear my parents

Thank you I didn't know there was a difference. Why is everyone so hateful? I made a mistake, don't we all?

Headphones on sneak out, both work in that scenario...

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Loud music+headphones for you. Or earplugs.

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Brings back childhood memories of the good ol' rocking horse doesn't it? Sorry about this probably life-traumatizing experience. I know how you feel.

Well hopefully they'll become so horse from their screaming they can't make as much noise the next time.