By googoogaga - 13/03/2010 15:13 - United States

Today, I went to IHOP for breakfast. As we were leaving, I realized a little girl took my Hello Kitty hairclip. For the next 5 minutes, I fought with an 8 year-old for a hairclip. She won. FML
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kitt_en 0

I feel ya, OP. It's not immature to be wearing cute hair clips. A lot of people also do that. It's stupid that the kid got your hair clip. You'd think her parents would notice that it's not hers and maker her give it back...

that little skank!!


tacomaniak 0

first xD now let the hateful cmebts roll

YDI for being weak.

ROFL. hell kitty ftw! that little girl was a bitch though, what did her mom think?

ravensunnyd 0

it would haven been funnyer if the little girls family started to cheer her on

So you came hungry, but did not leave happy?

beccaishereyay 11

wow you and tinkerbell hoodie/tattoo girl should hang out. lol ydi

beccaishereyay 11

ahahahahahahahahahhaha "so you ame hungry but did not leave happy?" lol! awesome.

bad fml. if she was that persistant you should have snatched it

LOL @ #36. Enjoy it while it lasts, #1. Where were this little girl's parents? Eight is old enough to know about stealing and to know what does and doesn't belong to you. Yes this time it was "just" a Hello Kitty pin but maybe next time money or something valuable. P.S. I would've done the same thing. Hello Kitty FTW

alleyx3 0

hahahaa #36 ily

GirlWithAnItouch 0

^^ win.

Prototype12 0

a hairclip costs like 25cents...... let her have it

that little bitch lml yea FYL

I would have slapped her. I take my hello kitty items very seriously!

and how did she get it out of your hair?

Felendris 0

106 has a point -_-

what does YDI mean? You're a Dumb Idiot?

xoconnie 8

what a gay op. like wow. who the hell wears hello kitty shit. r u asian or just a loser? cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over itttt.

I wear hello kitty stuff ):

Fingers0689 0

lol amazing

hahahahahaa "tinkerbell hoodie/tattoo girl" hilarious,".

Don't worry, people like Mariah Carey have Hello Kitty rings worth 400k. You're not alone.

ydi for wearing a hello kitty hair clip like the 8 year old you lost to.

MXavierT 0

woozzi might have made the funniest comment in the history of history

why the fuck do u have a hello kitty hairclip

that would be a fail if u wer a guy but ya arnt

hey, some girls are hot in a few hello kitty things (just not those that dress hello kitty everthing. like shoes, shirts, hats, ear-rings, rings, etc.)

__ShAd0w__ 0

you deserve it not your a dumb idiot

lolll!!! good one

Peacemaker9 7

ding ding ding round 2!!!!!!!! You vs the kids mom!!!!!!

@112: you deserve it.

sounds like you should make a complaint to corporate about this that their slogan is false advertsing


what does ftw mean??? and ur life sucks..,

lol “right meow?" I love that movie ^o^

seriously what does ftw mean

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I think this should be a message to you that if you are over eight you shouldn't be wearing hello kitty. People are so sad.

Peacemaker9 7

106- op said that they forgot the hair clip at the table but they found that a lil girl had it instead.......

qwertyuiop142 0

you deserved it

YDI for having a freaking hello kitty hairclip!

but honestly, she took your hairclip.. her parents could at least tell her it's wrong to just take things :/

ydi means you deserve it, you dumb idiot!

chanta24 10

probably left it on the table

Yea I probably would've snatched it back! I love HK! Lol

ydi for going to ihop

garrettjordan 0

how hold are you?????

garrettjordan 0


XxKeLs3yxX 0

ROFL at ur pic

cocopuff96 0

excuse me how old are you? like come on! you need too get a life...obviously.

silentsniper441 0

even if it is hello kitty you shouldn't let the little crap take your stuff

metalmusic 0

I love Hello Kitty :/

I'd be so upset if my hello kitty clip was stolen.

metalmusic 0

thanks for anouncing my number.

are you the person i texted about tgat moderated dml with youre number in it?

purplemnm 9

I think sooooo

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So if you own something nice it is your own fault if it gets stolen?

it is if you don't protect properly.

who in the world would protect a hairclip unless it was valuable. it's friggin hello kitty. who is honestly going to protect that and if you say that you would I would like to see that and laugh at you.

I would. Cause it's mine... It doesn't have your name on it :(

Hello Kitty? really? join the tinkerbell fans and go back to your childhood when that was acceptable.

purplemnm 9

hello kitty is more acceptable than Disney

RODEOqueen 0

No, it's not "more acceptable than Disney". Neither is acceptable after middle school, and even then, you're pushing it. Who the hell cares if she stole it? it's for her age group anyway. and I have to question whether or not you even wore your hair clip that day... if you didn't feel her take it, then maybe it was a coincidence and it really was hers. YDI for being a loser.

Nobody really cares what you deem as acceptable to wear.

purplemnm 9

I'm 16 years old and I have a hello kitty hoodie, neckalace, hairclip, and contacts...celebrities wear hello kitty stuff. hello kitty is a worldwide phenomenon, and you fail for saying otherwise.

hoolie06 0

Some celebrities have also been known to wear vials of blood around their necks; is that acceptable as well?

Brundlefly 0

...Hello Kitty contacts? wtf

absolutely acceptable. you are talking about Angelina Jolie after all. I seen her in the grendal movie and thought good lord she is a living master piece ok cgi and airbrushing played a big part.

yeah seriously? hello kitty contacts? that's just fucked. the only person I know that wears hello kitty stuff is this weird Asian girl that nobody really likes... just saying.

purplemnm 9

I don't wear them very often, just when I feel like a hideous freak

Brundlefly 0

You do that all by yourself without the contacts hon, don't worry.

purplemnm 9

pfft you should look at yourself sometime gawd

ryancorn 0

your a retard

that little skank!!

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kitt_en 0

I feel ya, OP. It's not immature to be wearing cute hair clips. A lot of people also do that. It's stupid that the kid got your hair clip. You'd think her parents would notice that it's not hers and maker her give it back...

then again, they probably wouldn't

hell no! little kids hit me in walmart and thier parents are oblivious. i could snach em up and they wouldnt notice for about 15 min.

wow, one top comment and one moderated comment. what happened?

nomnommonster 0

why would you want it back? she might have used it. gross :P