By wtfisgoingon - 28/04/2013 10:30 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I was in the middle of having a shower when I noticed a camera hidden in the corner of the room pointing directly towards the shower which I stood in butt-naked. I live by myself and have recently only moved in. FML
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dyehardxen 19

Time to move out.

Either call the police or call a friend to pull it out and follow the cord....I would bet it's the landlord/maintainer though...


dyehardxen 19

Time to move out.

TeamKelly 10

Fast... No time to spare.

\ 28

That's a last-resort... OP should call the local PD, then rent a metal detector and RF frequency analyzer to complete the search for hidden spy gear, and de-bug her home.

#48 - OP can't do that. They control the police. They control everything. The Patriot act? It's THEM man! Disconnect the phones! Wear a tinfoil hat! Move to the hills! They're coming!

Seriously leave now!!!

\ 28

Damn Freemasons... Isn't it enough that part of our tax dollars are going towards excavating King Solomon's temple???

Or at least call the police.

cool story bro

bamagrl410 31

Calling a company to have the place examined & any recording devices removed can usually end up pricey. I'd just break the lease & move.

NagainaFier 16

Id still say call the police and let the landlord know; God only knows what kind of creep was setting up shop in there.

Not if they find something and you sue their asses for invasion of privacy.

Don't bother telling the landlord. They might have been the ones who placed it there. Call the police.

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#95 Congratulations.

Either call the police or call a friend to pull it out and follow the cord....I would bet it's the landlord/maintainer though...

What if it's wireless though? •o•

You can still find where it's drawing power. If it's well hidden or elaborate, then it's obviously someone who knows the layout of the building i.e. landlord or maintainer.

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Lol. U r seriously funny!!!!!!

AbstraktThoughts 13

Looks like we've found the culprit...with his creepy ass pic

chlorinegreen 27

Are you at the end of that cable? Sounds like you're excited.

Your joke seems lost on the majority. I see the sarcasm and did chuckle when i read it. Don't give up on the inappropriately timed one liners just yet. Combined with that profile pic tho...

OP, I hope you're hot, otherwise someone is going to be very pissed! YDI if you're not.

#46, You made no fucking sense.

\ 28

#53 he made no abstinent sense either :)

what don't you understand? think of this from the spy's point of view. if OP isn't hot, he just went through all that trouble (and risked prison!) for nothing!

Oh, NOW I see where the confusion is coming from! *YDI if you're not hot. There, now that you understand what I said you can proceed to upvote me because clearly my post makes sense. Hooray!

subiedude08 17

The fuck is wrong with u

Perv alert....I suggest you get rid of the camera now and try and look for others

Like in your bedroom.

Think I saw a soft-porn movie once with the same plot... It may be time to move!!

AboveAll04 14

maybe its an internet link and if you've got the moves like Jagger then u can make some money !

sammyjanette 17

Don't act like you notice it, or the creep who installed it may have time to remove it. Casually leave your apartment, and go to the local police station.

Take them down, look for any remaining cameras and call the cops. I'm scared for you OP

DWT 18

Go to the police. You know that's not legal, right?

rg350dx 29

That's not legal??? Well, shit. Brb have a lot of cam-paintings to take down.

No shit, Sherlock

40 I prefer Nice clue Watson, nice clue.

Elementary my good chum

Scary! Who would guess that you had to check for cameras when renting/buying nowadays.......Times are definitely changing...FYL OP

I would definitely call the police. Just think of how many cameras were placed that people didn't notice...