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  CrookedCook  |  14

that's what I was thinking too. but perhaps with the therapist being a female and all, OP can feel more accomplished with the challenge of being able to have his cake, but not eat it.

  perdix  |  29

#2, I don't think so. If the OP goes gay, he'll just obsess over every MAN that talks to him. That doesn't fix his problem, it justs gives him a new one to replace the old.

  rangerPat  |  12

37- that's pretty a new way to look at it I guess... Op is attracted to females and can't stop thinking about being with any girl they come in contact with, he doesn't have a problem talking to men so therefore he doesn't hold them in the same sexual light as females.... Hmmm I don't think homosexuality is at the root of this.

By  jackii1313  |  9

At least you admit you have a problem and are getting help! That's two steps closer to getting better(: maybe you should see a male therapist though, it might just help!