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Today, I realized how tiny my apartment is, when I was able to vacuum from bedroom to bathroom through the living room without switching the power outlet from the one in the kitchen. I pay a fortune to live in this shoebox. FML
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You're paying for the luxury of not having to switch power outlets. You know how bothersome that is? And how costly it is to provide?

NewYorkMexPR 14

At least you have a place to live in


Move to sub urban or metro area; more bang for the buck.

It's not that simple. You have to consider all the factors involved in the decision, not just rent. Let's say OP saves 1000 bucks a month on rent alone by moving to sub urban area, instead OP has to spend 1 extra hour each way between home and work. Factor in OP's hourly income, the money OP saved from rent might not justify the decision at all. I didn't even mention the extra gas OP would have to pay, or the transit fare, the higher probability of having a car accident, thus increased auto insurance and etc.

52- Glad you liked our new product to the point where you made it your username. We like to target audiences like yourself.

53, guess someone doesn't like reading "intense" comments. I'm reading FML stories on a Saturday evening, and like to toss my 2 cents on the table like everybody else, what's wrong with that.

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At least you have a place to live in

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And access to internet, which to some is equally as important. =)

He'd still need access to an internet connection, even on a phone.

Maybe his vacuum cleaner cord is just unusually long

Yea, he opted not to mention the 25' extension cord.

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Exactly. And I don't really think the cord reaching across the place is enough to qualify it as tiny. Our cord reaches everywhere and my roommate and I have more than enough room than we realistically need.

Look on the brightside, you have your own place.

And, by the sounds of it, the apartment is in a great location (hence the costly price). It might not be a huge place, but it's probably very convenient.

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how is this a fml just move out

What if he/she doesn't have the money to?

You're paying for the luxury of not having to switch power outlets. You know how bothersome that is? And how costly it is to provide?

Sadly I can't afford that luxury. I have to switch outlets at least 3 times when vacuuming

Tell me about it. my vacuum chord reaches into two rooms except for one corner in the second one. Rather than unplug the chord and go to the closer outlet I usually just lunge the vacuum forward and watch in reoccurring disappointment as it gets choked back like a wild animal on a leash .

Yeah I need to switch 5 outlets when vacuuming my house, it's quite cumbersome to live in a maisonette but it's spacious..

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You don't have to live there. There are other apartments

Sometimes it's not an option, where the apartments of the whole damn city is priced around the same, unless you explore your options outside of the city. I just went through the apartment search process myself, I found some really cheap apartments inside the city, but the neighborhood is really shady, that's probably why...

Maybe he does have to live there though. Sometimes the housing market is brutal. He could end up paying more or the same for essentially the same set up. Maybe this apartment is the only one available that's decently situated near the OP's employment. I know I've seen some great deals on places in my area, but the hassle of getting to my job makes them unsuitable choices.

The market where I live is just brutal. I'm wondering if OP lives in San Jose, CA, too... We just moved out of a $2,000/month ONE bedroom apartment. Mind you, the reason we moved was because they were trying to rob us blind, but the OP could easily be in the same situation as I was. Stuck on month to month leasing due to an unsteady job that shuttles you around like a piece of lost luggage... The place OP lives in might be the only one that accepts the setup that OP needs right now.

I'm sure there are plenty of markets at least as expensive as San Jose.

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Everyone needs to take the stick out of their asses and stop trying to shut me down with the bullshit excuses of how hard it is. As if I don't know. Its true though, he doesn't have ti live IN. the city and can commute making it all cheaper. So yeah, stfu

105, don't get so bent out of shape. No one was trying to "shut [you] down". The fact remains, though, that the idea of commuting is not a very good one. For example, say OP commutes to work & has to be there at the common time of 9am. Traffic is hell between 7-10 in the city. As such, OP must refill their tank roughly once a week. Gas is about $4/gallon in most places right now, so topping off is about $70-80 each stop. Costing OP $280-320 extra every month. Just to live in an apartment with a rent $200 less than one much closer to their job... Making that apartment, in the long run, a bad choice. No, you're right, they don't HAVE to live there, but they also don't HAVE to shower or brush their teeth or wipe their ass since they spends money each time they do these things, but in the long run, it's a good idea to do so. PS- 89, I know it... My friend lives in Boston & has to live with people practically sleeping on top of him just to afford the ridiculous rent. San Jose is just my only experience in these cases.

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Did u rly type an essay? lol sorry, I shoulda been more specific. Take the stick out of your ass!!!

Think about it this way: Less space to clean after a party!

Also less things to clean since no more than five people would probably fit in your apartment. There's always a bright side op.

Faster time it takes your guests to suffocate o.O

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Or maybe you just found the perfect outlet to plug it into! :)

You found a vacuum with a long enough cord to not have to switch outlets?? Jealous of your good fortune :)

I'm moving into a small bachelor next week and right now it looks spacious.... we will see how cozy it gets with furniture! But look at the bright side, you have a home and in the city everything is a close walk

Are you a parasite? How else does one move into a bachelor. or do you star in those Mucinex commercials? yes that must be it.

42 that has to be the oddest comment that could have followed mine. I am scared to know what goes through your mind

"Bachelor apartment", maybe? Even if people know what you mean, that won't stop possible double meanings, and definitely won't keep the grammar nazis out.