By gaagaa - 04/04/2012 03:53 - United States

Today, a lady told me her husband had sinus surgery. I replied, "Oh, I know someone who just had that done." I then realized I meant Alexis on The Real Housewives of the OC. FML
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OP, this is an intervention.


Well it is the real housewives.... Maybe she knows them....

Life going to TV. And the quality has gone to places I shan't name.

D37H100 5

Well you didnt lie. You said someone you know

Haha, come on now, I've done that before. With all the stories you hear from people as well as on TV, it's not bad to get them mixed up.

Atleast you didn't say you'd had a friend who'd just had that done

There are no words.

.... To describe how stupid you just made your self look. I got your back 4 it took me a minute too.

Yeah, I noticed I fcked that one up after I sent it.. no edit button on the android app. Its 2am and it made sense in my head when I wrote it. :P

15 just have to make sure you actually realize what you just said.. You know thats exactly what the post said?

That's not exactly what the post said. My "friend" is not the same as "someone I know."

Ohhhhhhhh the humanity!!!!! And you spelled "fucked" wrong.

hellbilly205 17

This is why you do not comment past midnight, i have made this mistake a few times and you realize how stupid you made yourself sound in the morning.

I'm on the android app, and there's an edit button...

OP, this is an intervention.

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*hangs big banner that has 'INTERVENTION' written in red*

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Himym yeah!

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Aren't you a charmer!

That's not nice

TV friends are the best

Hahaha, sigh...he's so close yet so far from you at the same time it seems.

I hang out with my good friends Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric. Oh, and Butters. Butters has so many Tebow-like qualities. Maybe I'll hang out with Daniel Tosh for a little while.

omgcookeys 15

Yeah, I'm Barney's wingman. Of course I haven't been able to help him score any chicks due to the fact that he doesn't now who I am. But hey, at least I suited up!

Yeah! TV friends are distracting and dramatic, yet if you get tired of them, you can just change the channel or turn the tv off! Wish I could do that with some friends of mine w/o any consequences lol

Lol yes we prob all do

Hahaha I saw that one

Even when I agree with your comments I can't bring myself to thumb them up due to the fact it says you love bieber.

It may be Reality TV but it's not THAT realistic lol

slimjim8094 12

YDI for watching Real Stepford Wives of Somewhere. Seriously, it's creepy how much we glorify the worst people around.

I had to watch that with my mom. The scenes are so set up. It's fucking retarded.

I love that show.

LoveMay 10

That's when you know you need to get out more.