By Forgotton - Canada
Today, I realized how invisible/forgettable I am. At work, I went to ask my supervisor what I was working on today. My supervisor admitted that he forgot I was working today. My supervisor is my brother. We drove to work together this morning. FML
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I can't say if my brother is retarded, but this FML is 100% true. Though in my brother's defense, he is in charge of over 20 people, works a 4 days on 4 days off shift and I only work weekends.

  GmanG  |  0

Maybe he was just thinking about something else and didn't pay attention...

P.S. Wow... The first user that wrote a FML and replied to the comments?

  nonotme  |  0

Most businesses won't let related people work in the same department, or at least not with one supervising the other.

I would say this is neither an FYL or a YDI, but a YDI @ the business you work at for whatever loss of productivity or drama that will arise from letting this arrangement happen.

  lessthanbee  |  0

lol, if they really don't notice if you're there or not, i'd punch in and leave everyday. unless you're on salary, and then that's even better. not a fml, your life is awesome.

  MathMajor6  |  6

I actually worked with my brother for a while until our company got bought out by another that wouldn't let us work together. But my coworker still works with his mother. And my friend at another company used to work with her mother until their store changed. But anyway, I've known several companies, and not even just family businesses, that let family members work together.

By  DameGreyWulf  |  0

"Today, I realized how invisible/forgettable I am."
Agghhhhh whiiiiiiiiine. Yes, FYL for a dicky brother... (though it does seem fishy, this FML), but seriously. If you feel like that, then... don't be. Not really THAT hard. Crack witty jokes, be an asshole, do something incredibly stupid, change your wardrobe, get your hair done, etc... (though I personally would never resort to the hair/make up routine, but hey).