By Garry - 04/03/2010 12:43 - United Kingdom

Today, I realised that my staff doesn't take me seriously. I walked in on my chef, who had just spent an hour and half carving a block of cheese to make cheddar goggles for himself. When I confronted him, he pulled up his t-shirt to reveal a cocktail sausage taped to his stomach. FML
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YDI for not appreciating the art of perfectly sculpted cheddar goggles.

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can someone please explain this to me? i dont know what its talking about


no don't fire him. he sounds hilarious!!! does he also have a bit with a cream pie in someones face? (cue slapstick sountrack)

I can see why they don't take you seriously. Your FML makes no sense. it should be "doesn't" and I don't even get the rest of it. ydi

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Depends. Staff is often used as a plural, rather than a singular. In which case "don't" would be fine. Either way the OP missed the apostrophe though.

Don't fire him yet. Set up video recording so you get his stupidity on tape. Then fire him. YDI for letting your employees take advantage if you btw.

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As long as he was getting his work done I wouldn't fire him, however, I would probably take the cheese/whatever else he decorated himself with out of his paycheck. Now if he stopped his work entirely to play with this stuff then I would probably fire him...

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OP may not have the power to fire the chef. Often, in restaurants, chefs are also in a management/supervisory role, and if OP is a manager, then they probably would not have that power. Instead it would have to come from the owner who may take a hands-off approach in dealing with day-to-day operations. The owner might nit really care if the chef respects OP, especially if the chef has any kind of reputation within the culinary community.

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#47 is dead on, tape that dumb bastard wasting your cash, then make an example of him. the make a waitress make you a sammich.

Who the heck is your chef? Tom Green? Ew. reminds me of Freddy Got Fingered when he taped the umbilical cord to himself.

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Majones, I hope you really do have a cocktail sausage down there, 'cuz if you're talking about your dick, then that's small. You should be posting FMLs and not commenting them.

actually staff refers to plural. employee refers to singular

mabey because you put dont insted of don't or doesn't

DON'T fire him. he wants it to bad. make him suffer first.

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Agree with 110. Its realy hard to take anyone who spells realized with an s seriously. YDI for being from the UK.

Thank you for giving us your incredible insight on this FML. I'm sure that your children will be proud knowing that all of your thoughts can be summed up by just saying a number. Fail.

look at her display pic.. she's pure class. the fact that she spelled third correctly is astounding.

Her pic is saying that she counts with her boobs. She asked a friend to help her to get to three.

raggedsquirrel, your number isn't bad either!

dude! dint fire him!!! EPICNESS! he's awesome. totally me right there

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Technically third is not a number.

YDI for not appreciating the art of perfectly sculpted cheddar goggles.

sheer amazingness please give me his autograph he is amazing go chef go!

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can someone please explain this to me? i dont know what its talking about

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Umm you def. Deserved it for Not having the balls to fire anyone. Of course they don't respect you! No one else would let that shit happen

But was it a good finish, or one of the botched ones where you accidentally slap him like a girl instead of slicing him nose to crotch?

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If they're doing that fire them, don't whine about it!

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I think he might be mentally challenged /:| or 7 yrs old >_>

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And you fired his ass (or should I say arse, since you're British) immediately, right?