By Garry - United Kingdom
Today, I realised that my staff doesn't take me seriously. I walked in on my chef, who had just spent an hour and half a block of cheese carving cheddar goggles for himself. When I confronted him, he pulled up his t-shirt to reveal a cocktail sausage taped to his stomach. FML
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  yottskry  |  0

Depends. Staff is often used as a plural, rather than a singular. In which case "don't" would be fine. Either way the OP missed the apostrophe though.

  relyo  |  0

Don't fire him yet. Set up video recording so you get his stupidity on tape. Then fire him. YDI for letting your employees take advantage if you btw.

  DGross  |  8

As long as he was getting his work done I wouldn't fire him, however, I would probably take the cheese/whatever else he decorated himself with out of his paycheck.

Now if he stopped his work entirely to play with this stuff then I would probably fire him...

  Radi0Waves  |  0

OP may not have the power to fire the chef. Often, in restaurants, chefs are also in a management/supervisory role, and if OP is a manager, then they probably would not have that power. Instead it would have to come from the owner who may take a hands-off approach in dealing with day-to-day operations. The owner might nit really care if the chef respects OP, especially if the chef has any kind of reputation within the culinary community.

  ThuhBoss  |  0

Majones, I hope you really do have a cocktail sausage down there, 'cuz if you're talking about your dick, then that's small. You should be posting FMLs and not commenting them.

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

Thank you for giving us your incredible insight on this FML.
I'm sure that your children will be proud knowing that all of your thoughts can be summed up by just saying a number.