Freudian slip

By someonevexed - 01/02/2009 19:01 - Germany

Today, my boyfriend called me by his mother's name for the 100th time. I'm a guy. FML
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The most hilarious thing, is that my brother's friend said he hates gays because they "might hit on him". But, at that exact moment, the most flamboyant boy at our school whipped around and said, "honey, you ain't my type." I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. But, the mother thing, is a wee bit odd. I might ask him about that, if you haven't already.

I once called my teacher "mom". He's a guy.



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I am gay too, and thats odd...i couldnt think of a possible reason for that, other than the obvious, but we dont want to go there...

awesome =) I support gays. HAH! YOU HEAR THAT, RELIGIOUS FREAKS? I SUPPORT 'EM!!! I support them enough to go to the pride parade in downtown Toronto. 

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Can someone say, "Issues!" Sorry dude, your stuck. Man, I'd hate to even face his mom.

I once called my teacher "mom". He's a guy.

wow--oedipus complex much? i'm guessing you're the more mature one, and kind of take care of him. which would explain--at least a little--how you would make him think of his mom. of course i may be completely wrong. as long as he doesn't call you by his mother's name during sex, i think you're ok :)

= I'm sorry, but if he's a guy, and you're a guy... And he's calling YOU, his LOVER, by his mother's name... See something wrong here?

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On the otherhand... I do like your shirt :) ^^

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you should have dumped him after the 1st time he called you that

Does he call you that during sex? Cos that would be weird. Otherwise, if he's close with his mom and talks with her a lot, that might explain it. Though perhaps not with that frequency. I had a teacher in elementary school who called me "Thomas" a few times (my name's Victoria :P) because she taught my brother the year before.

That's just weird that he does that.