By p00p_m0nsta - 10/02/2009 00:43 - United States

Today, I finally reunited with a lot of old friends from school. It was great to see everyone grown up and hear the stories. At the end we decided to have a group photo for old times sake. They asked me to take the picture. FML
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i really hope you secretly took a picture of your nuts/bajingo after that group photo

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judging by your name, maybe they didn't like the way you smell. :)

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i went through this my prom. guy group photo and i had to take it...

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Maybe they thought you were the photographer in school dude

You should have took a picture with the flash off and then take another picture with flash on with your finger in the way. Then once all of the people have seen the one without the flash pic you should delete it and then keep the pic with your finger in the way. Perfect sabotage.. : )

yes it's funny so it causes guilt... 2# I don't think FML is the right site for you