By Anonymous - Canada
Today, was parent appreciation day at my daughter's KG class. On the stage, each child was asked to define each parent in one word. When it was my daughter's turn, she looked at me hard, thinking. Finally, in the end she said, "My daddy is very fat." Everybody stared. FML
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  demon1k  |  0

Like they couldn't tell you were a fat lard before she stated the obvious. Must be an overwhelming characteristic for her to define you as "very fat".

  pseudolife  |  4

Haha... FYL indeed. Kids usually speak the truth so try getting into shape. Make gradual healthy lifestyle changes so it won't be so bad dropping some pounds.

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

65 - ...It's not uncommon for parents to know eacother and eachothers kids at school functions, nor is it difficult to look in the same direction as a few people around you if you DONT know who the kids parent is.

10 rows of 30 = 300
Seriously, ever heard of estimates?

Try thinking about the idiotic thoughts in your head before posting them. Logic isn't THAT difficult.

  Mauskau  |  35

Well kids have shit memories and don't remember shit 'til they're past the age of 9 and they start to hold decent memories that they remember later on in life.

And the parents, like they'd care.

  AziraLevana  |  2

77: I started kindergarten at the age of three, and I have plenty of clear memories from before then. Same for my younger siblings, parents and grandparents. Not everyone has to wait till nine to remember stuff. After all, if they did, they wouldn't have retained the ability to read, write and so on.

  whogotthefunk  |  0

Exactly. Think of this as your wake up call to start loosing your fat ass gut. Maybe you'll be able to attend her graduation under your own power and not that of an electric scooter. Eat healthy and less fast food. In the end you'll benefit your self and your little kid.

  kybabyy  |  4

Yes, a little shoulder and some boob crack is extremely porn-esque. You need to get out more.
Besides, at least Ms_Jessie can use proper grammar.

  bmariotto  |  0

I really don't get why you must chew my head off when trying to defend her, even if she doesn't want me to. I say one little thing and someone must start a flame war...