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Today, I realized my online dating profile has gotten more views with no picture than it has with my picture. FML
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expertsmilee 26

No picture = a hopefully gorgeous person in their minds

That's because they think you're mysterious without a picture? Maybe use a different picture. Shoulders back, big smile, good lighting, some photos just aren't flattering


They probably think you're a vampire. You will be a big hit with twilight fans.

Nah dude, he would have to sparkle too.

Lets not make the twilight problem bigger than it already is by giving op ideas shall we?

Seriously OP? Online dating? You deserve it. Time to come out of mums basement

expertsmilee 26

No picture = a hopefully gorgeous person in their minds

That's because they think you're mysterious without a picture? Maybe use a different picture. Shoulders back, big smile, good lighting, some photos just aren't flattering

Do you think op would pick a bad photo for this? Before it was a lot of people that said yes to a blank photo but now she knows that the people who said yes like her looks too.

stephhrunsaway 21

Yeah. A lot of guys don't know how to take flattering pictures. They mug the camera, post shirtless pics while mugging the camera, post pics of them doing stupid things, blurry/ bad quality pics, pics of them in a club doing some stupid hand sign, etc. It's no wonder people don't find them flattering.

Right 88, just like how girls make the dumbest facial expressions in pics, for example the duck face.

Time to start photoshopping yourself!....but really, don't do that.

Ugh, imagine turning up to a date with someone you met online and finding out they've photoshopped all their pictures.

Lol I know, I'm sure that's never happened before. :P

Honestly, professionals can photograph anyone and make him look awesome (without editing it afterwards that is). I hate myself in most pics, many of them taken by friends or family who don't know any tricks. I don't either but I don't ever take pictures. And sometimes it really all boils down to how much your camera cost. In the end, I really think OP just picked a bad photo of her (don't know why), and should really look for a better photo. In places like weddings or other kinds of fancy parties the photographers are usually superb and if you look around you're guaranteed to find a photo of you that looks good.

Damian95 16

Sometimes you gotta just and there and smile.

Damian95 16

Today is not my day on this site. Please excuse my stupid above sentence...ahem... Sometimes you gotta just stand there and smile.

lol you again ;) with them puns and shit

Yes, that's usually what I do... It's not as if this is a new thing.

DrownedMyFish 18

Pleo, you should let OP borrow your moustache. I bet OP would have no problem getting people to view his profile after that.

I should really set up a dating profile, then!

Wizardo 33

Nah Pleo just turn your FML profile into a dating one, the amount of people advertising on here - you're bound to find someone and I'm sure the ladies are more than willing... especially with those puns and a stache like that.

I'm afraid the old ball and chain would get jealous!

let's check your FML profile and see if the same thing is happeni-- oh, nevermind.

I went up to the top of the page when I saw this to look at her and nothing to see here...

aawww op dont lose faith. theres someone for everyone. keep your picture up. you gonna want someone whos going to appreciate your beauty. steer clear of the shallow ones

Work out a lot, get a better haircut, do a skincare regime. Tons of things you can do, entirely your fault. Man or Woman.

thats funny because i looked at your profile it doesnt look like you go to a gym yourself... it also says your single

punkyboy 11

I wouldn't say its entirely his fault he/she may be able to clean themselves up a bit but they can't control how they look completely unless they do something drastic like plastic surgery

ThumbMeHarder 5

Genetics might be responsible for OP's issue, therefore it's not necessarily "entirely" his or her fault. Just like your receding and/or lack of a chin, it's not your fault for having it. Well, I guess if you work enough hours, find the right surgeon to pay thousands of dollars to reconstruct your chin, and follow a good after care regime you can fix I assume that makes it "entirely your fault."

graceinsheepwear 33

8, I find it interesting that your profile has what you no doubt consider to be a good pic of yourself, yet you find it necessary to say in your description that you are cute. Shouldn't that pic be worth a thousand words?

#8 Here have this ice pack, you need it more than I.

joleigh 6

Not everyone has good genes but I'd say you're a prime example of that

Wow people are harsh, stop bashing her looks just because she made a bad comment. Cyber bullying much? #8 there's nothing wrong with your picture or you and I think you're cute

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Bad comment or not, she was rude.

Wowxoxo 17

She was rude because she speaks the truth? Clearly something was wrong with OPs's photo.. More likely than not, it wasn't the lighting. Why are we all so politically correct 300% of the time.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

wow ya lets all pick on #8. she spoke the ******* truth so get over it. if u wana be out, style ur hair..take care of your skin. its hard work but its what this world has come to.

squideth 18

If you guys seriously think that 8 "speaks the truth", then you must be hilariously miserable and shallow people.

It's not really a big deal. it was dumb of her to say its entirely your fault but there are things you can do to improve your looks such as the ones she pointed out. And just because you can see where she's coming from doesnt mean your shallow. Oh and personally I don't think my picture is very flattering but I still have if up their to show off the car

She was rude yes, but that doesn't give you the right to be rude back to her

Criticize her comment, not her or how she looks

Oh come on. Chill out guys. We're speaking the truth. She is ugly. Her looks may be decent but her personality is shot to hell. And actually we do have the right to be rude back. It's called life kiddo.

The whole lot of you sound like miserable people. You're even worse than #8.

That sucks, good thing is you can try different ways to take an awesome picture, but the downside to that is you don't want to have to fake how you look, because it can bite you in the ass if you ever have a one on one from somebody online.

I was going to say that! Glad I checked first ;)

I was almost sad at first, as I was scrolling through the comments, that no one had said this. Then I saw this one and was happy (:

I thought the staff corrected those little mistakes before publishing the FML. I guess nobody's perfect (: