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Today, my mom brought her sleazy boyfriend home. He took one look at me, swatted my ass, and said, "It runs in the family." My mom just laughed and winked at me, and mouthed, "He's a keeper!" FML
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wiona tells us more.

OP here. I couldn't figure out how to respond without making an account, so I made one in order to reply to a couple of people. First, thanks to all the people who expressed concern. To the people who said YDI, I say screw you, because I did nothing to provoke this asshole. Yeah, I'm underage. I don't look underage, but I definitely am, braces and everything. My mom's boyfriend is yet another guy who's a worthless piece of shit, she has no taste when it comes to men. I talked to her about him after he left and she rolled her eyes and said it was "a joke". Which apparently I didn't get, because I'm "uptight". Moving in with my dad isn't an option, he's on the other side of the country and really can't handle having another person living with him right now. I do miss him, but frankly he's not a whole lot of help, my parents hate each other and while my father means well he's more irresponsible than my mom. I'm hoping my mother will ditch this guy once she gets bored with him, like she has all the other times. This type of boyfriend is nothing new, this is just the first time one of them has gotten somewhat physical with me. Yes, it creeped me out, yes, he's a disgusting human being, and yes, I have a lock on my bedroom door. This is not the first time I've locked myself in my room when my mom has brought home a guy. It's happened before, and will likely keep happening until I move out. Thanks again to the people who expressed sympathy and concern. Just thought you guys ought to have a bit of context.

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broski4 13

Run away. Fast


broski4 13

Run away. Fast

Running away doesn't seem to run in the family.

Nah. Run away slowly. In fact, walk away.

It sounds like OP needs to have a serious talk with her mother, after telling the boyfriend to keep his creep fingers off of her.

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Forget running away. Smash him in the face for doing it.

Sounds like the mom has quite a history with picking real winners if she considers this scumbag a keeper. I'm sorry you experience that OP . If anything happens like that again, punch him in throat and say "Touch me like that again, and next time it won't be my fist. First and last warning". No one should ever have to deal with being harassed/molested. You have every right to protect yourself by any means, especially if no one else will.

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True scumbags usually don't have a problem hitting women

That's why you follow the fist to the throat with a knee in the groin, another fist to the nose, and a kick in the ribs for good measure cuz he should be down by then. .... I seem to be channelling some rage at the moment. I take no responsibility for the negative repercussions of my advice. :)

And then follow all of those things with a swift kick to the throat, he should be dead by then. ;)

Ihavegas 22

this would sound awesome if said in sherlock voice.

OP stand up for yourself! Don't be why about saying something someone is doing to you is wrong. Also, get a really good lock for your bedroom door!! I wish I would have done these things and bad things wouldn't have happened to me as often as they did. being shy and letting things slide is allowing the aggressor to believe you'll put up with more. I don't want to blame a victim, but these are steps you can take to avoid becoming one! and really, get a lock the locks from your side of the room. If you don't know how to install it, ask a friends dad, brother or a handy sister, just get something and don't ever open it for any creeper when you're alone! protect yourself. As far as hitting this guy, that is a situation call, I don't recommend doing it with just you or your mom there and no back up. It could turn very ugly and of cops get called it's he said she said. But don't let that stop you if you absolutely need to defend yourself.

Yeah, runs in the family...

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shaww 28

What does that spell? C is for crazy R is for rat E is for endless love of ass E is for "eww" P is for pervert

Is it just me or did anybody else read that with the rhythm of the FUN song from Spongebob?

Replace the last verse 'Down here in the big blue sea' to "Slappin' dat big boo-ty"

thatgirlc 10

yes yes I did

All in the process of potentially breaking up OP's family. Sounds like a great idea...

askullnamedbilly 33

More like you should run AWAY from this family, and fast. Or, alternatively, pray that your mom loses her rose colored glasses and finds some self respect instead.

Or have a conversation with your mom and tell her that you feel unsafe (if you do). Maybe she needs to wake up.

AviKerensky 17

No, he's not.

buttcramp 21

I really hope OP's mom was just joking and then kicked this guy out.. if that was the case though then this FML wouldn't be here.

At least he's not your real dad, so you don't have to be afraid that being a creep runs in the family.