By RoxahTheGreat - 26/12/2009 01:50 - United States

Today, I was unloading things into a hotel. As I went to get a bag out in the hallway, the room door closed and I had no key. When I knocked and asked my family to let me back in, no one answered. The doors are clearly not soundproof. I could hear them debating whether or not to let me back in. FML
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so? go down to the bar, get a drink and have it added to the room bill.


GeorgeBoosh 0

…and mine. I got even tho. Ha ha ha ha ha…did I ever get even! The jail time was worth it too.

ii don't belive that ur family wouldn't let u back in >:(

catalystics 2

you shouldve Spartan kicked the door open and smacked them down

CinderChicken 0

woop dee do. family antics. obviously you made it back in anyway. this is really not an f my life.

subiedude08 17

Oh really how would you feel if your family did that to you

dudeitsdanny 9

Hahaha, that sounds like something I would do. Your life is good. It's not like you were naked.

so? go down to the bar, get a drink and have it added to the room bill.

The__Redneck 7

And then, when they see the bill, act like you have no idea how it got there. "I was with you guys the whole time, right? Right?"

...And? Were you naked? Did you get kicked out of the hotel for vagrancy? Family left you phoneless, moneyless, and friendless in a faraway city forcing you to beg on the streets next to people who have been without a roof of any kind over their head for years just you could scrape together enough money to afford an hour at the internet cafe and tell the world of the indignity you've suffered? Why is your life F'd? Why should we care?

iEatGuppies 0

oh yeah. family doesn't love you. no FML right there. dumbass.

maybe because it seems her family doesn't want her, that would feel really bad.. "should we let her in?" "nah we don't want her here". If they wanted her there there would have been no debate they would have just opened the door

MiaKong 0

Or maybe people need to learn to take a joke. They may have only been debating on whether to play a joke on them or not. Geesh. They're just being whiny and this is hardly an FML.

if they were joking wouldn't they have let her in and laughed about it and she wouldn't have posted it here?

Maybe you're an awful person? Work on that

analltimelow 0

You should have made the best out of the situation: 'should we let her in' 'naa i dont like that' 'well **** you i'm going down the the bar and charging it to you tab' *LAUGHS EVILY AND PROCEEDS TO GET PISSED* the end.

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Meg: open the door guys Peter: go away Meg nobody likes you stewie: don't open the door for her she's the ugliest creature ever made brian: lol