By Capteen - 22/04/2012 12:17 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I found out the bed I sleep in is the bed I was conceived in. FML
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Capteen_fml tells us more.

OP here! I definitely have a new mattress, and the frames been well cleaned as it was in storage for a while. To the people saying get over it - I'm not upset or creeped out too much, I just thought it was FML worthy. And no, I have no intention of 'repeating the cycle' to my children as such - I need to finish my studies before even considering children!

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Nothing like home. It's not like you're going to find any afterbirth under your sheets!

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Nothing like home. It's not like you're going to find any afterbirth under your sheets!

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yes, but the thought of your parents having sex on the bed you sleep in is kind of disturbing.

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OP should get over it she wasn't aware beforehand & I'm sure she slept like a baby.

Agree with 11 :/ I know I wouldn't have liked knowing that.

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Wait until she finds out that her mom also gave birth to her in that bed.

Oh man thats awkward to know, but heres a story that will definitely cheer you up. I was younger (11) I went to Disneyland for the first time. I got this cool magic mickey dark light at the place and took it back to the hotel we were staying in. Later that day I was playing with the light on my bed and noticed all these splotches all over the bed. When my parents also see this they immediately left the hotel and went to a new one. The next one had even more splotches. About two years later I watched CSI about an episode about a prostatute. Now I know why we left the hotel. O_o

#58....all hotels are dirty BUT Disneyland IS the happiest place on earth, after all! ;)

63 - Remember that FML where the guy got mugged in Disneyland? I think that guy would disagree.....

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I was born at home and my mom saved the sheet I was birthed on and gave me a piece of it to keep as a 'memento'....

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my grandma sleeps in the bed she was born in. she doesn't see anything wrong with is. but i can understand that you don't like it!

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jackal181 - I take it you've never read the commenting rules, right? Either way this is very disturbing and I feel sorry for OP just like everyone else here. I'm not sure how you could not feel the same. EDIT: It appears he was moderated as I typed this comment......

Now conceive your child on that bed.

Um conception and giving birth is not the same thing. Just so you know. ^

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Omg hahaha, gotta carry on a new family tradition

Conception is having sex & making the baby. Birth is delivering the baby.

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Maybe op will get pregnant in that bed too!

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51- you forgot to hold up baby simba.. I'll have to do it for you! *holds up baby simba*

111- It's actually "And it moves us all." Through despair and hope Through faith and love Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle... The circle...of life!! I never thought I'd have to correct someone for failing to use the proper lyrics of The Circle of Life. Seriously, I know this song better than my ABCs!!

196- Yes, I would like a cookie please.

The cycle of life and birth continues, you will be born, you will produce (league of legends nasus reference)

Things have a way of coming full circle.

I think full circle is if OP would conceive a child in that bed.

Actually, come to think of it, full circle would probably be OP dying in that bed...

Nobody wants to think about their parents having sex, but in the grand scheme of things this really isn't an FML.

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What happens in that bed stays in that bed.

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Try getting a good nights sleep now. Keep the bed and let your kids sleep in it

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Did she honestly get -1 for being friendly? ^^^^ (wtf)

Am I the only one wondering how op found this out !!???!?

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Son, when I was your age, I found out that my parents conceived me in this bed. I figured it's time to tell you that you were also conceived in this bed

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Keep the torch going son. Keep it going

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connerwonner 7

Stop wasting comment space. We all know it is nasty.

Stop wasting human life. We all know u live in a trailer park

70 - I find your username very ironic (with your comments) Although it is quite pathetic that you start attacking him personally.

Your* I detect sarcasm. Not an opinion, more like a fact. Have a nice day.

^^Considering he put his location as '69,69' I'm going to take an educated guess and say he's not over 14. I wouldn't waste my time on the little wanker SkoomaKi--he's not worth it.

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10 bucks says the kind in his picture is actually him.

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Well then.. look on the bright side, you're probably sleeping on new sheets and pretty much new everything.. hopefully that's the case.

still the same phrase though, "like mum like daughter" hmm

the phrase is like mother like daughter. you seem to be implying something kind of creepy.

OP must have terrifying mental images now.