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Today, I overheard my co-workers talking about how they don't need flu shots because everyone else gets them. These people are in the medical industry. FML
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tony1891 22

thats Cause the flu shot is an actual virus.

Ashd09 30

I hope these people don't give advice to patients. They need to rethink their job descisions


Ashd09 30

I hope these people don't give advice to patients. They need to rethink their job descisions

Actually, they don't need to rethink anything. It's likely that they were referring to a phenomena known as herd immunity, and therefore would be more knowledgeable than OP.

Herd immunity only works when the majority of the herd has it. If everyone thought like those two, there would be no herd immunity.

#100 the post said the opinion was based off the premise that everyone else does get them, so it's irrelevant whether everyone thinking the same way would result in no one getting it. also, providing their careful about transmission, there would be a point where even if no one got the shot, enough people would have recovered from it for herd immunity anyway. people who have recovered combined with people who have had the shot would lead to herd immunity even faster.

Actually people often don't get flu shots so they can get the flu and have their bodies create antibodies. If you get sick when your younger your body will be stronger when you are older.

In order for herd immunity to work a very large percentage of the population needs to be immunized (I think it's 80%? I forget). I doubt there are enough people vaccinated against the flu where OP lives that herd immunity would be applicable. It pretty much just applies to standard childhood vaccines that the majority of the population gets.

In my opinion they are right. I got a flu shot last year and 3 days later i got the flu.

tony1891 22

thats Cause the flu shot is an actual virus.

LostInTheZone11 29

You do know there's a good chance you caught the virus before you got the shot. Or you could have gotten a different strain, that was not protected by the shot.

christina3466 17

Why are people voting 8 down? It's true.

Ashd09 30

#8 is correct. When you receive a flu shot you are actually getting the flu, they do something (I'm not going to pretend like I know what) to it that makes it weaker so some people will get a little sick. Getting the flu makes your body build antibodies that fight it off so you don't get the full blown flu

LostInTheZone11 29

The viruses in the shot are dead. They can not, and will not harm the body. Your body still sees the viruses as a threat and develops antibodies to destroy them. This is why you feel weak, because your body is fighting the dead viruses, just like as if they were alive. This way if you catch the live form of the virus, your body's defenses are ready for it, and the immune system kills it.

Ya know. When I was younger I got flu shots all the time and got sick as a dog every year. I started refusing them when I turned 13 and got sick that year, haven't had the flu since. Even in the military I either gun decked my flu shots or faked snorting the nasal spray into my tshirt, funnily enough the worst I got was "boot camp crud." Human immune system is fine if you let it work. All these pharmaceuticals just **** the body up in the long run.

It is not uncommon to hear that a vaccine has made someone very sick though. Some have even died. I've never gotten a flu shot in my life, and I've also never had the flu. I tend to shy away from vaccines I don't absolutely need (for example meningitis in order to attend school).

I haven't had a flu in 40 years and have never gotten a shot. almost all of my friend's and family that have gotten the shot have had the flu year after year.

michaelm1290 23

There are two different forms of the flu virus vaccine. There is a LIVE version of the vaccine that is given nasally. There is also, as other people have said, a killed version of the vaccine. Both work by showing the immune system what the CDC deems (based on epidemiological studies) the most potentially virulent strains of the influenza virus that year, thus permitting the body to form virus specific antibodies AND virus specific T cells to fight the infection later if infected (brings in the idea of memory immune cells). The vaccine changes annually due to the high mutation rate associated with the virus. It is absolutely impossible to get sick from the killed virus vaccine, however, it would be possible to get sick from the live vaccine, though tis would only occur in immunocompromised individuals, newborns and the elderly, and hence is contraindicated in these populations. The medical community is strongly, strongly in favor of getting an influenza vaccine.

ChristianH39 30

The basic theory is actually true, it's called herd immunity. The more people that are immune the slower the virus would spread and the less people it would infect. Its still not a surefire way to prevent individual infection though, and as medical professionals I would've thought they'd know that.

The incubation period for the flu can be as long as 4 days before you show symptoms. So it's probably you contracted it before you got your flu shot, and also the flu shot doesn't instantly make you immune. It takes time. That's why it's best to get it earlier in the flu season if possible.

You can't get sick from a flu shot because the virus is inactive (dead) when it's injected into you. If you got a flu shot and got sick afterwards you already contracted the virus and just didn't develop symptoms yet

I haven't had a flu shot in several years but I've never had it, as far as I'm aware. I've been ill for about a week but that's it.

as everyone has said before, you can get and most likely will get the virus from the vaccine, it doesn't matter if it's live or dead. i know from experience, my sister was a medical technician and she was required to get the dead(injection) vaccine. every time that she got it, she was sick right after. I've learned to never take any vaccines unless absolutely required not just because I don't like needles but because I know that a vaccine will most likely make you sick. I've only taken the flu vaccine once and luckily I didn't get it. can't say that for my friends who took it the same time as me though

You can get symptoms that are similar to the flu, but a much milder version than what you would get. I have a low immune system from health issues. Thank you, every one who doesn't get a flu shot, for making my life harder. Sometimes you need to get the flu shot to ensure people around you who can't even fight illnesses with help of vaccinations don't get life threateningly sick.

I had never gotten the flu shot an had never gotten the flu. Then one year the doctor told me the flu would be really strong that year and that I need to get the flu shot. three weeks later I hot the flu. I have not gotten a flu shot since, and I have not gotten the flu since.

Do you guys realize there are dozens of different flu viruses and the vaccine only protects against the 3 most common kinds? Just because you got the flu after the shot doesn't mean the vaccine GAVE you the flu, it means you caught one of the rarer strains that weren't included in the shot. It's impossible to get sick from a dead virus, it will just sit in your body and do nothing.

You are surrounded by idiots, I'm sorry for that >.

They should rethink and fill up a job application

Sounds like they're on Earth. Nothing new, but still depressing, confounding, and terrible.

rieebee 23

There are idiots in every profession.

tony1891 22

well when they get the flu you can say "i told you so"

unsun 13

Being unique isn't always good

Oh, goody. Here comes a flu shot debate.

~I love vaccination fights~ But I spilled the popcorn as I was cheering on the pro-vaxers, so the entertainment is over, and I shall retreat to watch SOA.

They don't need flu shots because flu shots cause the flu.

Suaria 38

It causes flu like symptoms. Basically it is just a weakened part of the virus so your body produces antibodies to combat it. So if you were to get the flu, your body would be able to fight it off without a problem.

False. The flu /shot/ is killed virus. It can not cause the flu. Ignore anything your friends tell you, there is no actual live virus in the flu shot. Anyone who claims they "got the flu" from the flu shot is full of crap. The nasal spray is weakened and partial virus, and so there is the possibility for that to cause some mild flu-like symptoms, but only if you have a weakened immune system to start - and that's why people with asthma, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems SHOULD NOT be given the nasal spray variety.

sh4wn 8

Thank you for saying this!!! I work in a clinic where I explain this to people all day long!!! I've gotten to the point where I say the injection is inactive, and the mist is active. So thank you for saying that!!

If everyone else gets flu shots, then who would they get the flu from?

orbit 22

Well how did the first person catch the flu

Unfortunately their theory only works if everyone were to get the flu shot, and as we can see by the comment section alone, there are many people who don't.

ahippienamedrae 10

38, the government, obviously. /sarcasm

tantanpanda 26

Um, even if everyone got the flu shot, there would still be people who get sick. flu shots are just a prediction of what strain that's out in the public. The predicted strain could easily mutate and cause you to get the flu because you're not immune to that strain. So believing that if everyone got the flu shot, then it wouldn't affect anyone Is bogus.

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