By TJRoy - 29/04/2015 06:37 - Australia - Surry Hills

Today, my father tried to excuse his alcoholism by saying that his stomach stops working, and he needs to drink vodka to get it started again. FML
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TJRoy tells us more.

He is Croatian, and he was sober. He 100% believes it's true and has said it on several occasions.

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He gets the rumblies in his tummy, only Vodka can satisfy


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What? No. Tell him it's good he cares about his stomach so much, but what about his liver?

liver, brain, kidneys, pancreas, throat, bowel... I imagine the list extends further. alcohol also attacks muscle tissue so might as well add heart too. bottom line, he needs to get help before it's too late.

wchil, it's common knowledge actually. Alcohol is one hell of a drug that destroys pretty much your entire body and psyche if consumed excessively.

kinda like going hunting for rabbits, but couldn't find any so got (wild) Turkey instead (it's bourbon in case it's not in other countries)

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Vodka fixes all sorts of things

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You wouldn't happen to be of Russian decent, would you?

Well that's odd, the same thing happens to me too

Just ask your dad if that would be a helpful treatment for your stomach too... I doubt he will make that excuse again

You've never met someone with an addiction have you?

Unfortunately, as someone who works with Alcoholics this is one of the least ridiculous excuses. They can get a lot worse.

Please. Share the most ridiculous one you've heard. I'm curious.

#16 - I'm guessing it ranges from "alcohol makes me a better driver" to an incoherent stream of words involving aliens or the Illuminati.

#32 - My reason is that I'm studying to be a bartender. ;) Gotta know your product, amirite?

Like alcohol gives me a reason too live