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By disembob - 03/12/2012 02:26 - United Kingdom

Today, at a talent show, my band got booed before we even started playing. FML
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ape1321 3

Maybe they simply weren't done booing for the group you were following.


If you still went ahead to play, kudos to you. I know how it feels, I never did manage to play after they boo-ed me.

Wait, it's good that 1 still continued to play? Ohhh that's right, your just looking for attention even though you are poster 16 and posting that on its own would probably still be read, but it's just not the same as the top now is it?

sugarshane007 20

Anyone else notice that sens3sfailing is failing pretty harshly? I mean sarcasm is great and all, but dicking up everyone's comments is pretty shitty.

olpally 32

21- your sens3s are failing you. Stop being an ass cricket about it. People always thread jack. Get over it. As for op, just try and go with the flow, man. Just play on anyways!

It's high school level, I'm sure. Nothing but a silly popularity contest. Immaturity & ignorance run rampant during this time so don't take it personal. Keep doing what you love & they'll see how stupid they are for doing nothing while you were chasing your dreams & having a great time in doing so.

MikeonFML 17
sugarshane007 20

How does this even help?? They were booed before even playing! For all you know hey may have practiced day and night for months!

Mister_Triangle 21

You have to practice your stage entrances, duh

ape1321 3

Maybe they simply weren't done booing for the group you were following.

No...OP said "started booing" but that's nice wishful thinking you have.

chickenflem 8

No OP didn't. 3 may be correct

****! You're right! I retract my shamefully wrong statement *begins digging the who to bury the comment*

Quite optimistic :) Hopefully op thinks the same

What if Op was first in the talent show?

LO388 7

52 - Then the final act at last year's show must have been REALLY bad!

...Or they just didnt like the sound check guy. I've seen his act myself, it was awful.

Wow that really does suck, maybe try a different venue??

Talent shows are usually at schools for people that go there, it's not really a "venue" per say

That's what you get for trying to play rock band at a talent show!

I mean rock band the video game. Not just trying to play dress up or something.

sugarshane007 20

The moment you have to explain the joke, you have failed.

I understood your joke. It was funny until you ruined it by explaining it

I was getting thumbed down prior to explaining it so I thought maybe it was because it wasn't explicit enough. I realize and accept the thumbs down, just saying my thought process.

martin_martian7 11

I think the band was Memphis may fire...

Haha 44 that's so funny since they don't fit your taste and therefore must suck right? Look up the lyrics to generation:hate by them, they were made for you.

I second that I saw them live at Metalfest they are pretty damn good live. Would've stayed longer but Darkest Hour was gonna play! And I agree 6 too many people think they're good just because they can play Rock Band! Of course being able to play it does translate somewhat to some sort of proficiency on their respective instruments but try writing your own music 0-0

Sense! Please just put the shovel down, and walk away slowly!

*hands 65 the shovel reluctantly and breaks down* IT'S JUST SO HARD TO QUIT!

46 - I think 44 was trying to bait you.

I know, that's why I referred him to a song about people being ass holes to put it in a short way

Are you sure you commented on the right story

Mister_Triangle 21

8 - I'm sorry that nobody gets your joke. If it helps, know that I appreciated it.

olpally 32

Why??? So many details are missing from this fml. I'm not going to assume anything until op tells us why. That's just rude of the crowd in general. Wow!

Who knows, maybe OP's band was dressed in KKK's hoods? We can only guess...

This sounds like one of those dreams when you're about to do something big and then realize you don't have any pants on

DKjazz 20

I had a dream like that once. The big thing was yo mama.

guemarez 9

Tough crowd. That must have been pretty awkward for you and your band mates.. Sorry for the bad experience!

Mynameislinh 24

Well, you should have blown their minds with your performance and shown them who needs to be booed.