By American idol / Wednesday 6 April 2011 06:19 /
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19, I just read ur profile I think u misspelled ur email address :) thought I'd let u no :)

"Hey, John, did you hear about the kid singing in the bathroom during a performance?" "Did I hear? They wouldn't shut the fuck up, how could I have not?!"

Where was the bathroom, on the stage. I mean jeez, how close was the bathroom that whole auditorium could hear you?!? Maybe they were applauding the fact that you released that 4 pound, burrito induced turd from your bowels and they thought the noise you were making was the grunting to pass that baby sized poop!

I wouldn't be embarassed because of the clapping, I'd be concerned about how loud my voice can get.


Ya. Anyways how wouldtge audiace know op was in the bathroom? My bet is they probably thought op was backstage.


OMG I dunno!!!!! looks like we got a situation, I called a cab earlier so THE CABS ARE HERE THE CABS A HEAAA...

It's ok he was playing rocket man by Elton John and not the William Shatner version. you added some depth with your back up vocals and bass with the shits you were doing

By  Based

So you sang along to a piano hmm? Something incapable of forming words. Yet you sang along. You must have sold your soul for such an amazing gift. Not kidding. Ok maybe a little. Wait no. I'm not. Or maybe.

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