By Perpetually F-ed. - 17/01/2009 14:25 - United States

Today, my younger brother and my parents were in my dorm room. When I wasn't looking, my brother opened the top drawer of my dresser (where I had a tube of half-used lube) and asked out loud: "What's Astroglide?" FML
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"a tube of half-used lube".. this is really different than a half-used tube of lube..

what is Astroglide? seriously? *google is my friend* Ewww. lol.


what is Astroglide? seriously? *google is my friend* Ewww. lol.

um. astroglide is GAY sex lube.

I mean, or for hetero normal or anal... but that's cool, too, you shut-in.

Dumbass, so what if it's GAY lube. You have a problem with gays?

It's just regular lube, homophobe.

number 8, thats probably why hes Fuck my life. His parents assume he'll be hooking up with girls....if they have no idea hes gay. And to everyone saying how his younger brother and parents are in his dorm? that probably means they are visiting him at college, so he usually does not have to hide his shit.

Me and my boyfriend use lube for sex (i am female) it makes it wayyy more comfortable, its not just gay males that use lube

Embarrassing =[

YDI for letting your brother go through your stuff!

YDTDFBS : You deserve this downvote for being stupid

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uhhh wen they WERENT looking theyy ddnt let him idiot

ChefPhilly 13

Do you know how to spell?

He wont be snooping any more lol

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The top drawer.....really? YDI

wow...... maybe keep stuff put away better you sir fail.